March 4, 2012

Fashion Trend: Vintage Jewelry

Hello Beauties!

I have missed blogging throughout the past week.  It has been very hectic for me, but I'm glad to be back today and with a topic that I adore.  That topic would be... Vintage Jewelry!  I'm not sure if I would call vintage jewelry a trend (or at least not for me) but with the new age of thrifting, vintage finds are becoming more and more mainstream.  I know many people are just now getting into the joys of thrifting so I wanted to share this with you all.

I wanted to do a post on this fashion topic because after I posted these pictures below, I received a great deal of comments on my jewelry.

Keep Reading to Find out my FAVORITE vintage sellers...

After getting a lot of comments on these two photos, I felt it was only appropriate to share that all of these items are vintage finds.  The great aspect of vintage jewelry is that not only is it unique, but it also may be affordable if it is costume jewelry and depending upon where purchased.

I have found the best vintage pieces often in smaller thrift stores.  Where I currently live, I have found it difficult to find vintage jewelry so I turned to the handy-dandy internet.

Below are two of my FAVORITE vintage jewelry sellers:

1.  GlamourGalStuff - I have ordered from this seller three times (actually four since I ordered more today) and I love her pieces.  Her pieces and shipping are very affordable.  I have been able to receive four pairs of earrings in great condition for less than $10, including shipping.  Cannot beat it!
  • Bonus:  Discount Code for GlamourGalStuff - COUP5PER (Save 5% off an already low price!)

2.  ZZman8 - I enjoy ordering from this seller because they often sell two to three pieces together in one auction.  Plus, they start most of their auctions at $0.99!  I have received a necklace and two pairs of earrings for LESS than $4 before.

Do any of you love vintage jewelry?

Thanks for reading & God bless!


  1. omgggggg I love it!

  2. i  love vintage jewelry too! you pieces are very cute!

  3. I get ALL my vintage jewelry from Goodwill or Mega thrift for $1. Its pretty amazing!!

  4. I'm a HUGE fan of vintage jewelry!  The pieces you posted above look great.  And mega-thanks for sharing those two sites.


  5. love this post and of course, LOVE the jewelry! thanks for the sites too :-)

  6. Thanks sooo much for sharing love. You really do have THEE BEST jewelry!


  7. not only do I love vintage jewelry, I collect it!! I'm particularly obsessed with earrings :)) My favorite places to shop are definitely consignments, flea markets, goodwills and antique stores in Pennsylvania... great post, thanks for sharing your fae sellers, I'll def check them out!!

  8. I completely relate to you on that.  I love some vintage earrings!  Glad you liked the post.  Thank you dear.  :-)

  9. No problem!  Thank YOU for reading.  :-)

  10. Thanks so much and thanks for reading!

  11. Thanks so much and thanks for reading!


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