January 2, 2011

Fuschia Fever

Hello Fashionistas!

I wanted to come to you all and fill you in on one of my FAVORITE beauty items right now.  I found out about this product a few months ago when I was thumbing through Sephora's holiday book.  In the book, I came across a model with ridiculously shiny, red lipstick.  It was so shiny that I wasn't sure if it was lip gloss or lipstick at the time.  I read in the description that it was their new Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil.  I remember thinking, "How in the world can a pencil make your lips look like that???"  It was so pigmented and glossy looking.  The next time I went to Sephora, I decided to pick up the pencil in Fuschia Fever, which is a shimmering hot pink color.

Let me just say...  Sephora has really outdone themselves.  This pencil is honestly one of my favorite beauty items.  You can line your lips with this and fill them in.  NO NEED FOR A LIP LINER!  It leaves a glossy look, moisturizes and best of all, it's long lasting.  The only time I have to touch it up is after eating.  Also, I get TONS of compliments on this color and it goes with any skin tone.

Although Fuschia Fever is my favorite color out of the line, they also have seven other colors, including:
  • Fancy Red  (shimmering rich red)
  • Vinyl Raspberry  (shimmering deep pink)
  • Coral Glow  (shimmering flamingo coral)
  • Miami Pink  (glossy light pink)
  • Strawberry Delish  (glossy magenta red)
  • Gorgeous Peach  (glossy golden peach pink)
  • Sweet Beige  (glossy light caramel)
[Note:  These descriptions are listed on Sephora's website.  They may appear different on your lips.]

All of these are available at Sephora for only $12.  [Remember, they have FREE shipping for every order over $50!]

I have a few pictures below.  Any questions?  Comment me!  :-)  God bless!



  1. Totally going to get one of these! You inspired me.

    I've been looking for a good nude color for a while now.

    Keep up these awesome product breakdowns.

  2. That color looks awesome! I may have to try one of those. :D


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