January 20, 2011

Top E.L.F Faves

Hello Fashionistas!

I hope you all didn't think I had forgotten about you.  You know I could never do that!  I have been busy over the past week, but I have great news!  I've been able to try out some new products that I can't wait to share with you.  With that being said, let's get started...

Now how many of you all have heard of the brand E.L.F?  Anybody?  Now if you're not raising your hand at this point, you ought to be ashamed!  I'm kidding.  You have deprived yourself of something great though.

E.L.F, which stands for "Eyes Lips Face," is an affordable brand of makeup and face products.  I first discovered E.L.F a few years ago at a local Dollar General.  I bought a simple eyeshadow brush for a $1.  I didn't know how awesome this brush would be until I tried it out.  Their brushes are professional quality.  Can you imagine a $1 brush working just as well as a $20 brush from MAC?  Think about it!  I bet not, but it's true!  I decided to try a couple more of their products.

Here are my top three favorites:

1.  E.L.F Brushes  (Price Range:  $1-10)
 [They have all types of brushes.  Any makeup brush you're looking for can be found!]

2.  E.L.F  Blush  (Price Range:  $1-6)
[I love love love this blush!  The colors are long lasting and beautiful!]

3.  E.L.F Shine Erase  ($1)
[For the ladies who have oily skin, these will be your best friend!  I usually pay $10 for Boscia sheets or $5 for Avon sheets.  Never again!  You can't beat a $1!]

Check out E.L.F right now!  They usually have awesome offers such as 50% off brushes OR free shipping!  Can't shop online?  Check out your local Dollar General or Costco.  Enjoy!
God Bless!

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