February 20, 2011

Lashes, Lashes, Lashes!!

Hello Fashionistas!

Lashes have become my new must-have item.  I've always struggled with finding the "perfect" mascara.  I always wanted a look that honestly I don't think is attainable.  I decided to give false eyelashes a try... 

I know many women would love to wear falsies, but don't feel comfortable applying them themselves.  Don't worry!  I was [and still am somewhat] in the same boat!  It takes practice.  I had tried numerous times in the past and gave up but I finally just decided to give it a try again.  It gets easier and easier with each application.  Want to try them?

Check These Out:  my favorite type of lashes, the best lash adhesive, AND a YouTube video on how to apply them. 

1.  Red Cherry #118 Lashes ($2-$4)

As you all can see, these are 100% Human Hair lashes.  I've found that human hair lashes are softer and much more flexible.  I love these lashes in particular because they are CHEAP.  I have paid $14 for MAC lashes in the past.  I got these for $2!  They are just as good as MAC in my opinion.  I choose to purchase these from E-Bay so I can buy them in Bulk, but many beauty supply stores sell them.

2.  Duo Eyelash Adhesive ($6-$8)

This, fashionistas, is THE best of the best right here!  This adhesive is the ONLY eyelash adhesive sold and used by MAC.  You would think that by having such a popular brand as MAC behind it that it would be expensive OR only sold at MAC.  Um...NO!  I bought this for $6 at my local Rite Aid.  I can definitely see why this is regarded as the best.  I have used this to put lashes on at 7:30 a.m. and after work and going out, my lashes were still on at 2 a.m.  Please get this people!!

Just a look at my fave lashes!!

3.  YouTube Video - "How to Apply False Lashes"

If you have any questions, please let me know!  As always, God bless!

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