July 23, 2011

Trick Up My Sleeve...

Hello Beauties!

I wanted to give you all a quick little trick I've been doing lately.  As we all know, it's the summer time.  When I think of summer, I think of flowing dresses, shorts and most importantly, SANDALS.  Now you can't rock the sandals without having a cute little pedicure, but in this economy, who can afford a pedicure every few weeks?  Well, I found an inexpensive solution.

Some of you may remember my previous blog on Sally Hansen's Nail Effects.  [If not, click HERE.]  The nail effects are basically strips of nail art that you fit to your finger, peel and just stick.  Well, I've started doing them on my toes.  It's SUPER easy!  It just takes a little patience, but it's worth it in the end.  Plus, they are dry so no need to wait!

For this, I used two different styles of the Nail Effects.  To save even more of the strips, I found a strip that would fit my toe, cut it in half and used them for both feet.  So in the end, I will have two pedicures for $10.  Completely worth it!  Also, this is my second time doing this and the first time could have lasted well over three weeks.  Hope you enjoyed this little tip.

Have any questions?  Comment me below!  God bless you!


  1. thanks for the comments on my blog!! I took off my eyelashes recently and its looks like my eye lids are bald..... -_- lmao....oops I guess. Do you know how to take them off, I kinda of just scrapped them off. Also I love the nail effects!!! Just bought two boxes.

    Quick question about that though, do the little strips last outside of the box? If so how long??

  2. @All That Sparkles

    Hey! I tried to reply to you yesterday but I'm unsure if you saw my comment. Thanks a lot for reading my blog! Yeah, you have to be careful with those eyelashes. I heard there's a solution to remove them but I'm unsure where to find it.

    Also, with these nail strips, they will last forever outside of the package as long as the backing isn't removed. :)


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