August 27, 2011

25th Birthday!

Hello Beauties!

I have had such a busy week but the absolute highlight of my week was my birthday.  I turned 25 on Thursday and it was one of the absolute best days of my life.  It started with beautiful birthday cards and ended with the best Martinis I've ever had.

Lunch @ Sushi Blues (Downtown)
After lunch, I went for my first visit to a spa.  It was amazing!  I had a back purification and massage and a deluxe foot treatment.  A-MA-ZING!!!  This was all done by the owner at Restorations Holistic Skin Care here in Raleigh.  They were awesome.  Check out their site:  HERE or call 919-846-6141.  It's well worth a visit!

From there, I went to see a free screening of "Colombiana," which was surprisingly good and then I went out for appetizers and headed downtown.

Tuscan Menu - BRIO

I had such a great day!  Thanks to all who gave me birthday wishes!  God bless you!


  1. super cute blog! I found you through IFB and am now following you, I hope you follow back! :)

  2. @wait until the sunset Thanks for the compliment and following! I'm officially following you now as well. Take care and thanks again!

  3. @Rose from Rosedale Thanks Rose! I'm glad you found me. I appreciate the feedback and I'm following you as well now. :)


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