August 8, 2011

Cream and Coco Handmade All-Natural Skincare [Review: Part Two]

Hello Beauties!

As many of you know, I received a few samples from Cream & Coco, a natural skincare and hair care line, last week.  A huge thanks again to the owner Victoria for sharing these products with me!  I was able to try all of the products last week and I wanted to share with you how I enjoyed each one.

1.  Mocha Sumatra Soap - I think I fell in love with the smell of this soap before I even used it.  It's made with coffee so the aroma of coffee hit me as soon as I picked it up.  It's made to help awaken and firm your skin.  In the morning, I'm usually dragging and this perked me right up.  The smell alone makes it worthy!

2.  Tea & Honey [Hair Honey] - I really enjoyed this scalp moisturizer.  The smell reminds of something I've used by Dr. Miracle before, but the feel of it on my scalp is so unique.  It gives me a scalp and tingle and left it moisturized for several days.  I currently am rocking a sew-in and I had the stylist put this on my scalp.  I loved the way it felt.

3.  Carrot Mango Shampoo Bar - Am I the only one who has never used a shampoo bar before?  This was my first time EVER using a shampoo bar, but I have to say...  There is something convenient about this method.  The shampoo bar actually saves room and a mess in your shower.  Plus, as soon as the water hit it and I rubbed it on my hair, it began to lather.  I loved the fragrance of it as well.  I did notice that my hair felt a tad dry after using it but I think I may have used too much considering I washed it twice.  Once I put on my leave in conditioner, my hair was right back to it's usual softness.  I think I will continue to enjoy this after I take out my sew-in.

4.  Curls for Days Hair Pudding - I had only a few days before I had my sew-in installed so I wanted to make sure to try this.  I enjoyed this hair pudding.  It has a creamy texture but it's not thick.  It has a bit of looseness to it that makes it easy for your hair to absorb.  It left my hair soft with tight curls.  It was suggested that I use a paddle brush with the product to increase definition.  I will try that next time.  This is a favorite by many of Victoria's customers so I want to try it with a paddle brush next time.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Victoria at Cream & Coco for sharing these products with me.  I hope you all enjoyed the review!

If you're interested in these products, check out the Cream & Coco website and/or Facebook page listed below.

WebsiteCream & Coco

Facebook PageCream & Coco

Comments? Questions?  Leave below!  God bless you!

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