October 23, 2011

Madam of Glam: Bold, Statement Jewelry

Hello Beauties!

I had a thought recently.  I often blog about beauty items, but I think I have an equal amount of love for shoes (yes!) and jewelry, especially statement pieces.  When it comes to both jewelry and shoes, I'm always looking for items that are rare, unique.

Knowing this, a dear friend of mine suggested a Facebook page to me from a young lady with a jewelry business called Madam of Glam.  After viewing her page, I fell in love with some of her pieces.  After corresponding with Tiarra, the owner & located in Maryland, through a few e-mails, I decided to purchase a very affordable pair of spiked earrings.  I purchased the pair on a Friday and received them less than a week later.

Check out the pictures:

I absolutely love these earrings!  Plus, they were only $10!  One thing I enjoyed was the personal note included in my package.  It was a great touch and I will be a returning customer.  Many thanks and much love to you Tiarra!

Madam of Glam Facebook Page:  Madam of Glam

Do you have any sites you go to for those fresh, one of a kind pieces?  Feel free to share!

God bless!


  1. Love your braids and the earrings are gorgeous.
    your so pretty

  2. These are sooo cute! I went to her Facebook page and she has a lot of hot pieces. I will definitely be ordering in the future. Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. I just browsed the pics of stuff! Awesome.

  4. She does have some very very nice pieces....I ordered some pieces from her and they were just as nice in person as what was pictured. Great post :)

  5. Those earrings are EXACTLY what I've been wanting. I'm definitely getting those. So super hot. Thanks for the find!

  6. Thanks everyone! :) Glad I was able to find this to share with you all.

  7. These earrings are killer! love them. And they look awesome on u!

    xx, Ally


  8. You look amazing Ashley!! I'm glad you love your earrings November inventory will be super hott!

  9. so that's where those sexy spiky babies are from!!! i love them, they are so unique!!


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