December 18, 2011

Thrifting: Raleigh, NC

Hello Beauties!

It's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon here.  I'm beyond thankful to be off today and am enjoying my time of relaxation.  I hope you all are having a great weekend!

As you all know, I am a big fan of thrifting.  Thrift store shopping is so fun for me because I love finding rare pieces at great prices.  I haven't been thrifting in a few weeks; however, I had the opportunity visit two stores yesterday here in Raleigh with my friend Becky.  For around $21, I was able to get TEN items.  Can you believe that?

Let's take a look...
Top Table Thrift
4000 Atlantic Ave, Suite 120, Raleigh, NC

Many people that know me personally have heard me mention this store on numerous occasions.  Yesterday was my second time visiting this store and the reason I love it is because this is the only store to my knowledge in Raleigh that WEIGHS items.  Yes, they weigh the items.  The cost is $1.79/lb.  

Take a look at the items I purchased for only $7.49 (around 4 lbs).

[Note:  Navy belt is not pictured.]

Salvation Army
205 Tryon Rd, Raleigh NC

While I was in Charlotte last month, I re-discovered Salvation Army.  The one I visited while there was so nice that I decided to visit their family store here in Raleigh.  The prices aren't as reasonable as some independently owned thrift stores; however, I can understand their logic and feel that it does support a great cause.

I found three awesome items while I was there and spent around $14.




I really love all the pieces I purchased!  I feel there are so many possibilities for each one of them.

As I tell so many people, the key to thrift store shopping is to open your mind.  When you pick up an item, think of the possibilities and not just what it looks like in your hand.  Also, never forget to wash or dry clean your items before wearing! 

Do you all have any favorite thrift stores in Raleigh?  How do you decide what to buy and what to leave behind?  Let me know.

Thanks for reading & God bless!

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  1. My fave is the 7.00 blue blazer omgggggggg I'm in loveeeeeee

  2. I love all your pieces great finds!!



  4. OMG, so so very jealous of your finds.

    J x

  5. AMAZINGGG finds! super cute, one of a kind pieces and you got some classic stuff as well ahhh


  6. Awesome haul, I love that Royal sweater!

  7. Nice finds!! I went to Goodwill and tried on a cute little Donna Ricco purple dress that had 6 gold buttons and shoulder pads. But I didn't get it because hubby said Tis the season to gift others. But I really did not get it because I saw 2 tiny holes. I took a picture in it, and I'm tempted to go back today and get it!

  8. You got some really great finds!!!


  9. Some great finds, love the pearls!

    xo Ashleigh

  10. great finds hun...... i look forward to checking back and see how you pull some outfits together !

    happy holidays!

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I truly had a ball thrifting. Can't wait to wash and wear these items.

  12. Great finds! I need to find this Table Top Thrift one day! I always go to Goodwills & come out empty handed. :/

  13. Love your items! I definitely need to check out Top Table Thrift!

    I just started thrifting, I've only been to Good Will but so far I haven't had any luck finding anything...

  14. Hi doll! This is my first time checkn your blog out! I see we are fellow thrift store junkies!!! Loves it!

  15. These pieces are lovely. Great finds too. That dress is so divine and I adore the colour too.

  16. OMG you live in Raleigh . . .I go to Wake Forest in Winston-Salem!!! PLEASE lets go thrifting together!! I will DEFINITELY need to visit Top Table Thrift. YES YES YES!!!

    4000 Atlantic Ave, Suite 120, Raleigh, NC


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