February 2, 2015

Personal Style | Infinity & Beyond feat. Cori Coren

Hello Beauties!

This season I have been pretty obsessed with infinity scarves.  I love them because they are warm and easy throw on.  I pretty much fell in love with the ease and simplicity of them last winter and now I all my scarves are infinity scarves.  I love that you can throw them on and go!  When Cori Coren contacted me to style their new tribal scarf, of course I was more than happy to.

Scarf:  c/o Cori Coren
Leggings:  ASOS Curve

Jacket:  Old Navy (Similar)
Booties:  Payless  (Another hot pair!)
Lipstick:  Wet 'n Wild Cherry Picking

I love this scarf!  It's warm, fashionable and not to mention affordable.  Get it, here!

Do you rock infinity scarves?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. It is very beautiful modern outfit. I am big fan of scarves. I shared with your readers that 2014 was quite important year for you, full of changes. As it was for me. I am also trying to live healtier life, to find a new job and to try more new things in my life. Like to try things, not be always just afraid about everything. My blog is one of those new things I am trying. I wish you good luck on your journey.o)

  2. I LOVE you leggings! Very chic look!

  3. So I just want to let you know 1.) You are ROCKING that hair do! 2.)That scarf is something fierce! Love the outfit!

  4. You are owning this look! I love it!

  5. I love infinity scarves, too! I cannot believe you found those boots at Payless! I never find anything there! Gorgeous look!

  6. You are too cute! I am loving your hair and gimmie that scarf!!

  7. I LOVE infinity scarves too and this look is fabulous! And your hair is so cute! #BLMGirl

  8. I love the ENTIRE look! Super cute and the scarf it ADORBS! xx #SGBG

  9. looking gorgeous. I love everything.

  10. Rock it! I do love Infiniti scarves as well. They come in so many different patterns and colors!

  11. I love infinity scarves! You can rock them with anything. Love your outfit girl!

  12. Thanks for linking up! Loving the hair and that jacket is fab! Bring that up when you come in March, k?! ;-)


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