September 23, 2015

Beauty | At-Home Pampering That Leaves You Silky, Calm & Unapologetically Feminine

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In my recent post about getting more me time in your busy life, I mentioned that pampering is one of the ways to enjoy your me time and relax.  The wonderful part about pampering is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home.  From at-home pedicures to calming baths, you can appreciate your pampering session affordably and comfortably.  Plus, the four pampering ideas I’m sharing can easily be fit into your weekly routine.

Four Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home


If you’re like me, you love pretty things.  It makes me feel gorgeous when I have my nails done.  There is something about a beautiful nude or even a pop of color on my nails that makes me feel put together.  At-home manicures and pedicures are an easy way to pamper yourself.  Try using a cuticle cream and deep moisturizing cream on your hands and feet.  Foot spas are also another way to sit back and relax.

Face Mask or Scrub
When I think of pampering, skincare is an automatic must-do in my book.  Charcoal is excellent for clearing your pores of dirt and cleansing your face of excess oil.  I love doing a charcoal scrub and then plucking facial hair.  The scrub makes it easier and less painful to grab the hairs.

Calming Bath
The key to a fabulous bath is the body wash.  Caress® Daily Silk™ body wash not only smells heavenly, but leaves your skin silky smooth.  The white peach and orange blossom fragrances fill the room and the lather is builds quickly on your skin.  I love how it smells during the bath and even more on my skin afterwards.  Caress® Daily Silk™ has body wash and bar soap.  I love both!  Plus, you can transform your daily shower into an everyday treat with Caress®.

Write Out Your Goals
After you’re completely relaxed, I always feel like it’s a great time to write.  From goals to personal thoughts from the week, writing them out is a wonderful way to reflect and focus.  Try writing out your goals for the next week.

What are ways you pamper yourself to feel silky, calm and unapologetically feminine?

God bless & stay fabellis,

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