February 3, 2016

Lifestyle | January 2016 Fun Fly Fabulous Box Review


In December, I shared with you all my first Fun Fly Fabulous box.  When I found this box via Instagram, I knew I had to give it a try.  I love that it's a lifestyle box and includes a little bit of everything inside.  The only issue I had with my first box was that I wasn't sure if I truly got the best value for the box due to the expensive cost of shipping.  I loved the contents of the box, though, so I knew I wanted to see what January had in store.

I got my January box last week, which was a bit late in the month; however, I believe the snow held up the delivery of my box.  I was excited to get this box because I knew it was The Fearless Box.  I'm dedicated to living a fearless and intentional life so I was excited to see what motivational items would be in this box.

Here's what I received in The Fearless Box:

Fearless Quote (Price Unknown) - I love this definition of fearless and it comes in a size that is easy to frame.

Quote Cards (Price Unknown) - The older I get, the more I absolutely love motivational quotes.  These quote cards are dope.  I think they are perfect for your bedroom, office or wherever you decide.  I can't wait to put a few in my office.

Fearless T-Shirt (Over $20) - I can't wait to rock this shirt!  Talk about a message.  The shirt is a standard heavy cotton and appears to be men's sizes.  I wish it was more of a baby doll fit, but I will make it work!  I'm not certain on the price of this shirt, but in watching a clip on this box on the Fun Fly Fabulous Facebook page, the creator of the box mentioned the shirts on her website typically cost over $20.

Daring by Gail Sheehy ($12.64) - I love reading the life stories of women and how they have overcome obstacles.  I'm making an effort to spend more time reading this year and I will add this to my list of reads.  I thought including a book was nice because so many are getting away from physical books and I still love the feel of actually turning pages in a book.

Fortune Cookies (Price Unknown) - I think the fortune cookies are a cute addition.  I was hoping the slips inside would have a unique, girly message, but nah.  These are really like the fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants.

ColourPop I Heart This Lippie ($5) - If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know I'm a huge fan of ColourPop.  Surprisingly, I didn't already own I Heart This so I was hype to get a color I don't have in my growing collection of their lippies.  This color is a bright, reddish pink.  I think it's perfect for Valentine's Day or a night on the town.  It's also not drying, which is a plus.

January 2016 Box Value:  Over $37

I love this box!  I think it was an awesome idea to have a motivational box to start off 2016.  The theme was great and I honestly loved everything in the box.  Even the 21 Fearless Day Challenge list on the back of the pamphlet was a great idea.  Even though January has already passed, I do plan to give some of these items a try.

Plus, let me add that there were several items in the box that I did not know the cost of so this box is probably valued at minimum of $50.  I'm just not sure of the actual cost.  Either way, I feel I got my money's worth.  I just would like my box a little earlier in the month next time.  To learn more about the Fun Fabulous Box, click here.

What's your favorite item in The Fearless Box?

God bless & stay fab,


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