April 27, 2016

Lifestyle | March 2016 Fun Fly Fabulous Box Review


I have to admit that I'm posting about the March Fun Fly Fabulous box later than normal.  April has been a busy month with a lot of transition that I will be sharing in the coming weeks.  Also, I received the March Fun Fly Fabulous box very late in the month of March, as in on March 29th.  After being disappointed by the February box, I was hoping that the March box would lift my spirits, but the delivery date did not set things off to a great start.  Keep reading to see my thoughts on the March Fun Fly Fabulous Box!

The March Fun Fly Fabulous box is The Empire Box.  Fun Fly Fabulous released an Empire Box as one of their first boxes last year and it was highly requested to be brought back.  Fun Fly Fabulous waited to send the March box so that subscribers could have it and be reminded of Empire, which premiered on Wednesday, March 30th.

Here's what I received in The Empire Box:

Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Cream ($12.99) - Earlier this year, I was contacted by Kimble Beauty to try her new curl products.  I immediately fell in love with the curl cream.  It leaves my hair so moisturized and really gives my curls amazing definition.  So when I saw the Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Cream in the box, I was glad to now have a backup bottle.

Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Liquid Curl Enhancer ($13.99) - I'm not quite sure I understand the purpose of the Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Liquid Curl Enhancer because when I spray it, it's loose like water and doesn't define my curls.  It leaves my curls a bit hard.  This may be a product I give away, but considering how much I love the Bounce Back Curl Cream, I was happy to give this a try.

Empire Headphones (Price Unknown) - I was in need of new headphones so I was happy to receive these!  I love that it comes with extra cushions.  The sound quality is good and I plan to keep these in my purse because I don't know how many times I've been out and found myself in need of headphones and didn't have any.

She is Building Her Empire Coaster (Price Unknown) - I like this coaster, but I don't think it had to be in the box.  The message is nice, though.

Tidal Three Month Trial ($9.99/month) - This is my favorite part of the box!  Since so many music releases are exclusive to Tidal, I can't wait to try this trial!

ColourPop Avenue - Without Flash

ColourPop Avenue - With Flash

ColourPop Avenue ($6.00) - I'm a HUGE ColourPop fan as most of you know.  Unfortunately, I already have Avenue in my collection.  I was really hoping we'd receive one of the new Ultra Satin lippies instead of one of their older products.

Empire Fox Cup (Price Unknown) - I'm not really sure what to say about the Empire cup.  I washed it and have already used it to drink out of.  I guess I can try to use it on Wednesdays during Empire.

Empire Cookie (Price Unknown) - This was a bit hard to photograph, but the cookie looked pretty cool.  Unfortunately, it didn't taste good.  It didn't have much flavor.

Vienna Cookie Company (Price Unknown) - These little cookies although cute were not tasty at all.  I wasn't even able to finish one of them.  Since the Empire cookie was already in the box, I'm not sure why this was added to the box.

March 2016 Box Value:  Over $63.00

Even though this box has an amazing value and not to mention a three month trial for Tidal, I overall was not impressed by this box.  Since I already had Kimble Beauty products and Avenue by ColourPop, there wasn't much surprise to this box for me.  I also really wish Fun Fly Fabulous would start delivering their boxes earlier.  I was not a fan of receiving this at the very end of the month.  The headphones and Tidal trial were my favorite parts.  To learn more about the Fun Fly Fabulous box, click here.

What's your favorite item in The Empire Box?

God bless & stay fab,


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