May 17, 2016

Lifestyle | Seven Things I Love About My Husband


Today is a very special day in our home.  Today my husband and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary.  It's hard to believe it's been two years already.  As I have been reflecting on our marriage, I knew I wanted to dedicate a post to my husband.  As you all learned from my recent post, my husband is an intricate part of not only my everyday life, but FabEllis as well.  Today's post is all about the things I truly love about him.

Seven Things I Love About My Husband

1.  He is patient.

Even though I'm a nice person, I used to be the type to quickly fly off the handle.  Since marrying my husband, that aspect of me has changed.  Darek is incredibly patient and takes the time to understand a situation before responding.  Also, when we first met, I knew little to nothing about sports beyond basketball.  He took the time to teach me about football and even wrestling.  Now I can watch games with him and know what's going on because he had patience enough to help me learn.

2.  He is affectionate.

I often joke about being a touchy feely person when I meet my readers in real life.  I'm the same way at home.  When I first met Darek, he wasn't as affectionate as I was used to.  After sharing that affection helps me feel loved, he has always made a special effort to make sure he shows me extra affection.  From hugs to extra kisses, I love that he always makes sure to give them to me especially on bad days.

3.  He listens and helps me think through situations.

One of the things I absolutely love about my husband is that he listens.  When we first met, I could tell that he was that friend that everyone went to to talk about their issues.  He has always been the type to sit down and listen to what others are going through.  In our relationship, I have always appreciated that if I were going through something or even needed a second opinion on a blog topic, he is always there to listen and help.

4.  He loves kids.

I love watching my husband play with children.  He is so good with them.  He takes the time to talk with them and play with them.  Since we want to have children in the future, I have always valued how he interacts with children.  I knew from the beginning that he would be a great, dedicated father when the time comes.

5.  He cooks AND makes me laugh!

I have shared online that my husband has lost over 30 pounds this year.  A great part of that beyond exercise has been changing his eating habits.  As he began to change his diet, he began cooking more.  I love how he cooks salmon and shrimp.  It's a blessing to be with someone that can hold their own in the kitchen.  He made me want to step up my cooking game!  Not only does he cook, but he always makes me laugh.  Even when I'm not in the mood to laugh, he can typically get a chuckle out of me.  His sense of humor is one of the things that really drew me to him when we met.

6.  We can worship together.

It's a blessing to be with someone who is also a Christian and we can worship God together.  I enjoy that our days always include a morning prayer and that Sunday Funday starts with church.  I feel like we have grown a lot together in Christianity and I'm glad we have found a church home in Greensboro.

7.  He has made me a better person.

After reading over all that I've written and thinking about the last two years of marriage, I have realized that my husband has truly made me a better person.  I take time to think before responding, I'm cooking more and I'm learning to truly put others before myself.  Marriage is about growing together and I've really seen amazing growth in the both of us.

There are so many more things that I cannot put into words that I love about my husband.  I'm so grateful for a loving, supportive husband.  I'm praying for many more happy years with him!  To see pictures from our wedding, click here.

What is one thing you love about your significant other?

God bless & stay fab,


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