May 9, 2016

Personal Style | Fab Werkwear Series: Entrepreneur is the New Black


As you all learned on Friday, I began preparing to be a full-time entrepreneur last year.  A lot of planning and prayer has gone into this journey and I can't express how appreciative I am of all the kind words you all shared with me on Friday.  You all are the reason I was able to do this and I pray in the coming months, I can share more of the content you all love.  To celebrate this new journey, Global Couture and I have collaborated to share this t-shirt.

When I saw Global Couture's Entrepreneur is the New Black t-shirt, I knew it was perfect to wear to celebrate stepping into full-time entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurship is not impossible.  It's possible and should be considered a thing that even young people can achieve.  Over the weekend, I started thinking about this journey more in depth.  I realized that this is special to me because one day when I have children, I pray it encourages them to know that their mother, a young, black woman, started her own business.  They can do anything and be anything they want in life!

c/o Global Couture Entrepreneur is the New Black T-Shirt
Charlotte Russe Scuba Midi Skirt
GC Shoes It Girl Lace Up Skimmer Flats
Kate Spade Purse (Similar)
Jessica Simpson Sunglasses

Thank you all again for all of your love and support.  Thank you also to Global Couture for helping me celebrate this special time!

What advice can you share with a new entrepreneur?

God bless & stay fab,


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