December 7, 2016

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I'm sure it's no surprise to you all that I absolutely fell in love with West Elm Greensboro after my tour a few months ago.  From the time I walked into the store, I was in awe of not only how gorgeous the store is, but the amazing multi-functional pieces, how they work with the community and of course, the great smell as soon as you walk in the door.  So, when West Elm Greensboro reached out to me about working together, I was all for it.  They offered to refresh one room in our home and I immediately chose our living room.

I chose to have our living room refreshed because it's honestly the one room in our home that I just couldn't quite figure out how to decorate.  You would think after creating my home office from scratch that the living room would be a piece of cake, but it was always the space I couldn't decide on.  After meeting at West Elm Greensboro and deciding upon the living room being our area of focus, I was excited to get started.

Before Photos

The Consultation

One of the things I was so impressed with when I toured West Elm Greensboro is that they have in-store Home Stylists.  The Home Stylists are there to assist you with decorating and styling your home.  The great thing about the stylists at West Elm Greensboro is that unlike other West Elm stores, they offer your first in-store consultation for free.  So if there is a space you've been wanting to decorate or need your entire home redone, you can have your first consultation in-store for free.  Once you have your free consultation, they will come to your home for a fee and put your ideas into action.

West Elm Greensboro partnered me with their Home Stylist, Emily.  It didn't take Emily and I long to come up with a game plan for the living room.  I sent a few photos of our living room and we scheduled a short phone call so she could learn a little more about me.  She asked me questions ranging from the colors I liked to the height of our ceiling.  A few days later, we met in person to go over her design ideas.  I told Emily that I was a huge fan of black, white and gold.  She worked with my favorite colors and chose beautiful blue pillow covers and chevron curtains to compliment them.  She also chose a coffee table with built in storage.  I loved how everything looked.  A few days later, Emily came over and got started.

After Photos

I absolutely love the way our living room turned out!  I was in awe of how moving a few pieces around and adding new touches really changed the room.  Plus, I have been wanting a gallery wall for ages!  I love how Emily created a gallery wall that is easy to add on to.  Plus, the initial at the top for our last name and the drawing underneath that my husband drew is just so special to me.

In fact, many of the images in the gallery wall as well items such as our magazine rack were already in our living room.  Emily moved things around and gave the room a totally new feel.  Also, I absolutely love the coffee table West Elm Greensboro gifted us.  The coffee table has built in storage so we have been keeping things like photo books and my portable speaker inside.  It instantly makes the room look less cluttered and more polished.

I want to thank West Elm Greensboro so much for partnering with me.  If you're interested in having an in-store consultation, contact Emily here or contact West Elm Greensboro at 336.323.7941. 

What do you think of our new living space?  Are you a West Elm fan?

God bless & stay fab,


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