January 18, 2017

Lifestyle | Three Ways I'm Living More Intentionally This Year


It seems like everyone has a special word for 2017.  I have seen all throughout social media people sharing their word to describe their upcoming year.  I actually love this idea over new year's resolutions and it made me think about what my word for the year would be.  In actuality, I believe I discovered my word for 2017 well before the new year began.  My word for 2017 is intentional.  Intentional is defined as done on purpose or deliberate.  I have decided to begin living more of a life dedicated to my purpose.  I'm deliberately living and acting in such a way that my purpose is fulfilled and I'm as happy as possible.

Living your life on purpose is powerful.  It's not always easy because living your life the way you want can sometimes makes others uncomfortable.  I truly discovered after leaving my full-time job that I have had more peace and happiness than I've had in years.  I want to harbor more of that happiness and continue to live my best life.  You may ask how exactly am I planning to do that and below are three ways.

Three Ways I'm Living More Intentionally This Year

1.  I'm asking for exactly what I want.

If we're being honest with ourselves, I think we sometimes beat around the bush when it comes to asking for what we want.  In fact, a lot of people are afraid to ask for what they truly want.  In blogging in particular, I used to be afraid to reach out to brands.  Even in relationships, I used to fear asking for what I truly needed.  I had to learn to let all of that fear go.  You truly never know what is meant for you unless you have the courage to ask.

I always think back to when I made the decision that I truly wanted to attend Blogalicious in 2013.  I couldn't afford to attend the conference, but I knew I had to get there.  Between wonderful sponsors, friends and family, I was able to attend the conference.  How did that happen?  I asked for help.  I asked for what I wanted.  I was intentional.  I'm making a decision to not ask for a portion of what I want this year, but the whole thing.  As they say, you never know until you ask.

2.  I'm making real lists of my goals and staying focused on them.

As I mentioned in this post, it's important to write down your goals.  Write it down.  Do it now.  Not only does scripture show the importance of writing things down, but it's often proven that if you take the time to write things down, you're less likely to forget them.  I'm not only writing down my goals, but also writing the small steps to take each day to get there.  I know for everyone it's different, but I have always been the most productive when I have lists that I can check off and keep me on track throughout the day.  Also, I understand that setbacks may occur occasionally, but I'm choosing to stay focused no matter what.

3.  I'm saying "NO" to people and things that don't align with my goals and purpose.

I think it's easy for us to get caught up in saying yes to people to avoid conflict, to be liked, etc.  That works for awhile, but it can certainly begin to have an impact on your own happiness.  I have realized even in blogging that I have said yes to receiving products that I later didn't even want.  I'm learning to only say yes to things and people that align with my goals and purpose.  I used to be afraid to say no to people, but I then I realized that my health and happiness is more important than pleasing others.  This year is dedicated to living in truth and fulfilling my purpose.

What do you think?  Are you truly living an intentional life?

God bless & stay fab,


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