May 1, 2017

Three Ways I'm Maintaining My Weight Loss

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It is hard to believe that just a few months ago, I was celebrating losing five pounds and going down two pant sizes.  That was huge for me!  After struggling to lose weight for years, I finally got started and it worked.  I learned so much during my weight loss journey and although my goal is to continue to lose weight and learn ways to be my healthiest, I'm thankful that I have at least been able to maintain my weight loss for the last two months.  When it all comes down to it, there are three easy ways I have learned to maintain my weight without depriving myself.

Three Ways I'm Maintaining My Weight Loss

1.  I drink water, water and even more water.

One thing I can proudly say is that I enjoy drinking water.  The only thing is I enjoy drinking caramel iced coffees just as much.  I now try to limit my iced coffees to a small size, a few times a week.  Plus, I've learned that forgoing the whipped cream and other cute, delicious toppings helps me save on calories and sugar.  So, my beverage of choice most days is ice cold water with lemon or flavor without artificial sweeteners.

2.  I take a daily probiotic, Hyperbiotics Pro-Women.

I first learned of probiotics in college.  I knew they were great for your inner health, but now at 30, it had been awhile since I took one.  When I was introduced to Hyperbiotics Pro-Women, I knew it would be perfect to add to my daily routine.  I only have to take it once a day and it encourages better digestive health and can improve energy and clarity.  Plus, I really love how Pro-Women is truly geared specifically towards women.  It helps reduce bloating and aids in weight loss.  We all know how it sucks to feel bloated and while I have been taking this the last few weeks, I have felt more energized and, don't laugh, regular.

I love that any cold symptoms I have felt are literally gone the next day, which is no surprise since it's made to boost your immunity.  Also, with Pro-Women no refrigeration is required, it balances yeast and contains cranberry extract.  It's certainly a probiotic I want to keep in my routine.  Hyperbiotics Pro-Women can now be found at your local Target.  Yes girl, Targe'!  If you want to learn more before you head to Target, #followyourgut and visit

3.  I eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

I won't lie.  I was that child that hated vegetables.  I would forgo the salad and go straight for the meat and starches.  Over the last few months, I've learned the importance of truly having a balanced diet.  Now I try to eat vegetables with my lunch and dinner along with four pieces of fruit a day.  It can be a lot, but it has helped me feel fuller and healthier.  Plus, I honestly discovered that I love fruit.  Apples, pineapples, bananas and oranges are my favorites.  I would have never discovered how much I loved them if I hadn't gotten serious about losing weight and keeping it off.

How do you maintain your weight?  Are you interested in adding Hyperbiotics to your daily routine?

God bless & stay fab,

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