December 13, 2017

Olay Whip is My Combination Skin’s New BFF


If you are following me on Instagram, I know you have seen all the buzz surrounding Olay’s newest product, Whip!  Olay is one of the most innovative brands and they are always introducing new products to the market that are affordable and great quality.  When I was initially contacted about trying Whip, I had no idea what to expect or the brand it was by.  I knew I was in for a new moisturizer, but what I got was definitely an even better surprise.

The Feel

Before the brand was revealed to me, I was sent a package containing a jar with no label.  The clear package it arrived in only had the word, Whip, on it.  I did a quick Instagram video sharing my first impressions of this new, top secret moisturizer.  The first thing I noticed was the feel and texture of the moisturizer.  Honestly, it was like nothing I had tried before.  This may sound funny, but if you have ever had whipped butter or a mousse dessert, it has the same lightweight texture.  I took a small amount and as soon as I swiped it onto my skin, it absorbed into my skin and disappeared.

At the time, I thought, “What is this?!”  It absorbed so quickly into my skin and didn’t feel heavy at all.  I have used moisturizing face gels in the past, but those didn’t feel quite as moisturizing or soft as I wanted.  This gave me the right amount of moisture without feeling heavy.  Plus, it absorbed so quickly that it was easy and quick to apply.

The Reveal

I was pretty surprised when I got my second package and found out that Whip was by none other than Olay.  You all may remember that I took the #Olay28Day Challenge this summer using the Olay Luminous line.  Olay Luminous gave my skin a great glow, but I also found that it was not ideal with my combination skin.  Since it was a heavier moisturizer, I often found my skin oily by midday.  Because of this, I was shocked that Olay Whip works so well for my skin.  In my mind, I feel like Olay was looking out for the combination skin girls out there and we didn’t even know it!

My Thoughts

I am completely impressed and in love with Olay Whip.  It really has been a struggle over the last few years to find the right moisturizer for my combination skin.  Most moisturizers are generally either too light or too heavy.  Olay Whip is the perfect combination.  It is quick and easy to apply.  Plus, the moisture is the right amount.  I don’t find myself oily by midday and my face feels moisturized all day.  I feel it’s the perfect moisturizer for those with normal to oily skin.

Have you tried Olay Whips yet?

God bless & stay fab,

This content was sponsored by Olay. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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