February 5, 2018

Five Tips for Avoiding Bumps After Brow Waxing or Threading


I will be the first to admit that I am a bit obsessive when it comes to my skincare routine.  You all know my rule of thumb is great skin makes for an even better makeup application.  One thing I recently realized is that I have never shared with you all how I care for my brows after threading or waxing.  Truthfully, I can say that my ways are a little crazy and some of you will judge me, but that's totally OK.  I have faithfully been having my brows threaded and waxed for almost 10 years and I have found that there is an art to making sure your skin around brows is healthy and heals properly.  So let's get into a few things I do before and after getting my brows slayed to make sure they are popping...

Five Tips for Avoiding Bumps After Brow Waxing or Threading

1.  I never wear makeup to my brow appointment.

I can totally feel the crazy looks you all are giving me through the computer screen right now.  Yes, I actually prefer to not wear makeup to my brow appointment.  Am I always able to do this?  No, but I make sure that 99% of the time, I am makeup free.  Why?  I do this for a few reasons.  One of the main reasons is because I feel being makeup free makes the job easier for the person performing your service and it keeps you from having to touch up afterwards.

Plus, both threading and waxing can pull off the top layer of your skin in the process.  I prefer to be makeup free so the makeup, dirt and oil on my skin doesn't get into the pores in this area.  It can commonly cause bumps or irritation.

2.  I always ask for alcohol for cleaning my brows afterwards.

Depending on where you go, after your brow service, you are asked if you would like lotion, witch hazel or alcohol on your brows.  Give me the alcohol baby!  Alcohol helps get rid of any bacteria in the area and helps prevent pimples and blackheads.  It's a great way to make sure any cuts are cleaned and dirt is removed.

3.  I say no to the brow fill in!

Before moving to Greensboro, I was a faithful for getting my brows waxed.  I would go once a month and I noticed that oftentimes after waxing, you are typically asked if you want your brows filled in.  Over time, I realized that a lot of the tools used to fill in your brows are not cleaned between clients.  To make sure I am keeping my skin healthy, I choose to forego the fill in and keep it strictly to alcohol.

4.  I wash my face and apply a cooling and/or moisturizing mask to my skin before bed.

A few years ago, I found that adding a cooling and/or moisturizing mask to my routine before bed really helps my face feel great and the skin around my brows even better.  Plus, if you didn't know, covering your brows with your masks is so amazing.  For years, I put masks on and avoided my brows until an esthetician told me masks help purify your brows as well.  Ever since, I have been on it!  One of my favorite masks to use after threading or waxing is the L'Oreal Pure-Clay Purify & Mattify Mask.  It feels so cooling as it goes on and makes my skin feel great.

5.  I clean once more with alcohol.

After all is said and done, I swipe my brows with alcohol once more before bed.  Honestly, if I am too tired to wash my face and apply a mask (...and trust me, it happens), I do make sure to swipe my brows with alcohol one more time before laying down.  It's the best way to make sure they are clean and I'm in for smooth, slayed brows in the morning.

Side Note

If you are wondering if I prefer threading or waxing, I actually really like both processes.  Threading is my favorite because it lasts longer for me, but finding the right threader can be a task.  If I had not moved to Greensboro and left my favorite brow waxer (...hey Tia girl!), I would still be waxing.

Do you prefer threading or waxing?  What are your after-care tips for your brows?

God bless & stay fab,


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