March 15, 2018

Celebrating My True Self with #AlmayTrueYou

I was asked to participate in the #AlmayTrueYou campaign, sponsored by Almay at Walgreens.  All opinions are my own.


As women, we are each unique and wear many hats.  We are bosses, wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters and so much more.  It’s amazing how we switch roles effortlessly throughout the day.  From the boardroom to drinks with the girls, we move through the day flawlessly and you know what?  That is what makes us beautiful!  Our individuality makes us who we are.   We have the right to have multiple dreams, goals and passions.  Almay believes you are beautiful just the way you are too.  With every hat we wear, Almay has a squad of eyeshadows to match!

The new Almay Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadow is a monochromatic eyeshadow, found at Walgreens, offering a velvety smooth texture with rich color, in four unique finishes:  matte, glitter, metallic and satin.  Almay offers a range of shades, from flattering neutrals to on-trend color, making it easier than ever to show off the many sides of you.  Another bonus is they are hypoallergenic and Ophthalmologist tested which means they are safe for sensitive eyes.

When Almay asked me to share three sides of me, immediately I thought wife, stylist and writer.  I love doing life with my husband, helping women feel and look fabulous and writing allows me to share my love for beauty and fashion with the world.  I created three eyeshadow looks with the Almay Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadows that go perfectly with each side of me.


One of the things I love most about being a wife is that my husband knows everything about me, loves me regardless and encourages me to continuously grow.  It is only right that I created my first eyeshadow look with the Almay Own It (230) Shadow Squad™, which is a mix of rosy neutrals.  One thing I love about Almay Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadows is that with the multiple finishes, you can use them to create the ideal look for you.

I used a mix of the glitter and satin finishes on my eyelid and the matte finish for my eye crease.   This shadow squad is perfect for a neutral look, but it can easily be pumped up with a bold lip.


It is hard for me to believe I have been working at one of my favorite stores for almost two years.  I love helping women find the perfect fit in clothing.  Seeing their faces when a piece fits just right or an outfit comes together is amazing!  As a stylist, one thing I love is that I get to be a bit bold with my makeup.  I chose the Almay Thrill Seeker (160) Shadow Squad™ to achieve a bright, teal look.  I used the glitter finish on my eyelid and the matte finish for my eye crease.  I love the pop of color and the shade is perfection.


Writing on FabEllis brings me so much joy.  Encouraging women by sharing affordable beauty and fashion is my passion.  I also get so much enjoyment from writing for myself daily in my journal.  It helps me relieve stress and truly express my thoughts.  I wore the Almay Pure Gold, Baby (150) Shadow Squad™, which is another gorgeous color that can be dressed up or down.  I used each finish in the Shadow Squad™ for this look.  I used a mix of the glitter and metallic finish on my eyelid, the matte finish for my eye crease and the satin finish near my waterline.

Makeup should be used to express and celebrate your individuality, and not to hide your uniqueness.  I love having so many options with Almay, including their One Coat Mega Volume™ Mascara to help create a full look and the Almay Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads when I want to change my look or when I'm getting ready for bed.

And girl…  I know you love great makeup deals like me!  Almay Cosmetics are currently Buy 2, Get 1 Free at Walgreens until March 24, 2018.  Don’t forget to grab the Almay Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads while you're there, which make removing eyeshadow super easy!

Which Almay Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadow look do you like the most? Tell me which “side of you” you would like to show off using Almay Shadow Squads.

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