June 20, 2018

Four Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Popping While Traveling

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #WalgreensBeauty campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.


Do you know what truly makes packing for trips easier?  Having your toiletry bag already together!  I learned this a few years ago when I was traveling almost every weekend.  It made packing so much easier because all I had to do was get a few outfits together, throw my toiletry bag in and I was on my way.  Plus, with Walgreens, it's super easy to pack and keep your skin popping while you travel because they offer great beauty items for low prices and of course, travel sizes that are TSA approved for carry-ons!  Travel size is one of the best things ever!

Now I know, there's nothing like doing your skincare regimen and makeup at home, but trust me, you can be popping and glowing while traveling all summer with no problem!  If you want to make packing for your summer travel easier and keep your skin glowing, there are four tips below to do just that!

Four Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Popping While Traveling

1.  Head to Walgreens and grab your favorite beauty items, especially travel sizes!

Walgreens is a great place to drop in and stock up on your travel needs.  Walgreens Beauty items, formerly known as Studio 35 Beauty, includes high quality products like cotton rounds, face wipes and razors that rival premium brands, but at a fraction of the price.  The best way to keep your skin popping while you're on the go this summer is to take what you need with you.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  I use Walgreens cotton rounds daily. They are lint free and won’t shred or tear like other brands.  Plus, Walgreens beauty even has exfoliating cotton rounds. 

I have a small, round travel container that I put the cotton rounds in and keep in my toiletry bag.  The cotton rounds make toning or wiping my makeup off after the beach simple because I can rely on the quality.  Walgreens carries a ton of travel sized items like face cleanser, lotions and body washes that you can throw in too, many in TSA approved sizes for carry-ons.

2.  Shave the day before or day of your trip (...and throw a disposable razor in your bag just in case).

If you're like me, I hate shaving every day.  It's just not my thing, but I want smooth skin just like the next girl.  What I do is shave the night before or day of my travel so I can be smooth and ready to go my entire trip.  One way to get the smoothest shave is by using a razor with multiple blades.  Walgreens Beauty has a five-blade razor that is perfect for getting a super smooth shave yet for a fraction of the price of those expensive razors. It is lubricated with a strip of aloe and vitamin E and has a rounded cartridge making it easy to shave curvy areas. Plus, the handle fits perfectly in your hand, no slipping here!  I also carry a disposable razor in my toiletry bag for just in case while traveling.

TIP: Walgreens beauty razors are BOGO50 until August!  You better go grab them!

3.  Exfoliate at the end of the day!

One of the things I always stress for amazing skin is to wash your face twice a day!  Yes, twice a day, whether you wore makeup or not.  When you're traveling, you can still keep up your skincare regimen without sacrificing time by using Walgreens beauty facial wipes!  Throw in a soft pack of Walgreens beauty facial wipes in your toiletry bag and you can wipe off the dirt from the day in a swipe.  Walgreens beauty facial wipes are hypoallergenic, available in hydrating or exfoliating and come in a soft, resealable package.

TIP:  Walgreens beauty facial wipes are part of a buy 2, get the 3rd free mix & match beauty promotion through the end of June!

4. Pick up a cute and practical cosmetic bag to keep you organized on the road! 

While you are shopping the beauty aisles at Walgreens, check out the new line of cosmetics bags. The bags pictured below are the Perfectly Poppy pattern. It is available in two sizes, a round top perfect for your purse too and an organizer. Walgreens beauty also offers a clear, TSA approved cosmetic bag organizer. Check it out!

What is one of your travel packing hacks?  Do you shop at Walgreens before hitting the road?

God bless & stay fab,


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