March 18, 2019

Three Ways We Can Love Ourselves More Right Now


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably aren't new to the fact that I love sharing positive affirmations and excerpts from my daily devotional.  I gain so much inspiration daily from my devotional and quotes I read online.  They give me just the right boost to start the day so I love sharing them in hopes that it does the same for you.  Over the last week, I have been reading a lot about loving yourself in my daily devotional.  Love is always a popular topic, but how often are we discussing loving ourselves?

I know learning to love myself has been something that has taken years for me to do and it's a continuous, everyday process.  It's important to me that my daily practices encourage me to continue loving myself.  So as I was thinking about my devotional as well as new rituals I am trying to incorporate into my life, I thought it would be great to chat about ways we can love ourselves more right now.  I'm sharing three ways I think we can learn to love ourselves more, but I would also love to hear from you on what you do to show yourself love and kindness.

Three Ways We Can Love Ourselves More Right Now

1.  Saying NO to things and people that no longer serve you.

I will openly admit that I am recovering people pleaser.  I am naturally a giving person so it has taken me years to learn that you can't please everyone.  My main focus is that I'm pleasing God, my husband and myself.  Those three are the most important to me.  Outside of that, I will always vow to be a wonderful daughter, friend and employee, but I have to do what is best for me.  Learning to put yourself first is hard, but it's necessary.

There is the saying that you cannot pour from an empty cup and it's such a true statement.  You simply can't please everyone nor can you continue to give all of the time without replenishing yourself.  I replenish myself by saying no to things I don't really want to do even if I know someone may be upset, ending one-sided friendships, and taking more time to simply rest or sleep.  These all sound so simple, but learning to actually say NO to things and people can be one of the toughest lessons to learn.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you though!

2.  Say YES to new experiences and more social events!

I know we have all seen those hilarious memes that show people excitedly saying yes to plans/events only for the day of the event to come and the person is regretting ever agreeing to going. So funny!  That has been me so many times in my life and admittedly, I would end up bailing and not going.  Over the last few years, I have made a conscious effort to say yes and actually follow through.  Most people's natural reaction would be, "Well, if you don't feel like going, don't go."

You are right. You don't have to go, but I can tell you from experience that two things always happen when I push myself to go anyway.  I become a more dependable friend instead of just being a flake AND I always have a better time than I imagined.  Being around people, laughing and having a good time does so much good for your inner being.  It's healthy!  Plus, new experiences help you build character and an even better life.  I encourage you to push yourself to do something new and do it often!

3.  Finding the self care routine that works for you.

When people say self care, we sometimes envision massages and manicures.  While self care can definitely be those things, it doesn't have to be.  Self care for me is setting my phone to automatically go to Do Not Disturb at 9 p.m.  It is pushing myself to pray and read before touching my phone in the morning.  It is playing word games to calm anxiety that sometimes creeps up at night.  Find the self care routine that works for you and practice it religiously if you can.  Sometimes it's as simple as taking yourself out to lunch to enjoy an hour to yourself.  Find what works for you!

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What is one way you show love and kindness to yourself daily?

God bless & stay fab,


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