September 18, 2019

Turning 33 and Three Things I'm Currently Loving


The last month has been so busy that I didn't even get the chance to share with you all that I recently celebrated my birthday!  Last month, I officially turned 33 and I have been feeling so blessed.  While my schedule has become a little more filled, I feel blessed that I have been able to travel more, work with amazing brands and continue creating looks and content that really speak to who I am.  It's been a little bit since I've shared what's new with me so I thought this would be a good time to share what's new and what I've been loving lately.


I can vividly remember a time in my life that I was afraid to travel.  I grew up in a small town where the mentality of most of the people I grew up around was often to not do new things.  The mentality was to stay around what was familiar and to not venture out.  It wasn't until my mid-20's that I realized that I wanted to see more of the world.  In the last month, I have been to Wrightsville Beach, Hendersonville, North Carolina and to New York City.  I really can't believe I did that much travel in a month, but it was amazing to see the beach, the mountains and the big city in a span of 30 days.  I loved every minute.  Plus, if you are wondering why I was in NYC, you can read more here.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Someone recently called me the accessory queen.  Wow!  How did I go from barely wearing accessories to being obsessed with them?  I don't know what happened, but I am loving accessories right now!  My favorites are a good headwrap and stacks on stacks of rings!  I love the look they give and how they can bring any outfit to life.

Vintage Sets

You all know that I will forever be a thrifter.  Lately, I have been finding the best two piece sets while thrifting.  It's funny because some sets I can't imagine wearing together, but having both pieces is just awesome for your closet.  I found this two piece set while thrifting recently and I love that it's my favorite color.  I loved making it my own!

What is one thing you've been loving lately?

God bless & stay fab,


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