February 19, 2020

Mr. Carter's Tips on Dating and Knowing the One


Can you all believe I have been married for almost six years?  Time has truly flown by and if you've been here with me for awhile, you may even remember pictures from our wedding here.  2020 actually makes a total of eight years that Mr. Carter and I have been together.  We have learned so much about ourselves throughout the course of these eight years and this blog post is the result of a discussion we had a few years ago. 

I'm the queen of taking notes in my phone and I recently came across a note I made a couple of years ago as we were nearing one of our previous anniversaries.  It was a note where I asked Mr. Carter if he had any tips I could share with my audience when it came to dating.  The discussion  was so good and I really loved his insight.  I know when I was single, I would have loved truly open, unbiased insight from a man so I thought this would be really great to share here.

Below are Mr. Carter's Tips on Dating and Knowing the One:

(Side Note:  I asked him if he had anymore commentary beyond the numbered sentences. For the most part, he didn't. 😂😂 So the paragraphs underneath are my insight and thoughts.)

1.  Don't be afraid to dip into the friend zone.

This is such a good first step and tip.  I think we as women are so quick to friend zone people and it's generally because that person doesn't fit our idea we had in our minds.  I will be 100% real with you in saying that sometimes what we want and what God feels is best for us are two completely different things.  I know the men I was choosing before meeting Mr. Carter were nice guys, but they just weren't for me. 

If I had never stepped out and tried something new, I would have never met my husband.  Plus, what's wrong with dating a friend?  You want someone who is funny, caring and supportive like a friend.  Wouldn't you want that in your spouse?

2.  Don't make assumptions or move too quickly.

Take your time in getting to know someone.  I think we are so quick to make assumptions based of previous experiences or on the other hand, are so excited to meet someone that interests us, that we rush into things.  The key is to take it slow.  Genuinely get to know someone and just have fun together in the process.

3.  Know what you're looking for, but don't overthink it. 

Additional Thoughts:  No one is perfect.   Ask yourself, "Do they complement you?"

I think one thing we often do in dating is mistakenly look for perfection.  No one is perfect ma'am.  I remember having a discussion with a former coworker a few years ago where she was dating this guy that was really causing a lot of negativity in her life.  I reminded her that no one is perfect, but you can tell a LOT about a person by their character.

So, what does that mean?  Mr. Carter makes mistakes.  I do too, BUT we are genuinely good people.  We are kind, loving, caring and in our core, good people.  When someone isn't a good person, they lie, they cheat, they make you feel small.  That is not the type of person you want.  So, know what you're looking for, but make sure the person complements you and is worthy of you.

What did you think of Mr. Carter's tips?  What tips would you share with someone when it comes to dating?  

God bless & stay fab,


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