September 27, 2020

The 411 on Dr. Martens


Happy Fall!  We are officially in my favorite season and I can't be more excited!  With the start of a new season and temperatures slowly dropping, I know many of us are shopping for new items to add to our wardrobes.  Over the last few weeks, I've gotten a number of questions from people interested in purchasing Dr. Martens to add to their Fall wardrobe.  If you had told me a few years ago that I would be a lover, possibly even a connoisseur of Dr. Martens, I may have been a little surprised.  My style is forever changing, though, and my love for Dr. Martens started two years ago.

I thought it would be a good idea to create this post answering all of the frequently asked questions I receive about Dr. Martens.  One thing I will say from the beginning is that one of the reasons I fell in love with Dr. Martens is because they never go out of style!  If you've been following me awhile, you know I tend to lean towards classic pieces over fast fashion.  Plus, I have found that the durability of Dr. Martens boots is insane.  My first pair purchased two years ago still look new!

So, let's get into your frequently asked questions...

What style(s) of Dr. Martens do you own?

You all often see me wearing the black Dr. Martens Jadon Boots; however, I own three pairs of Dr. Martens.  I own two pairs of Jadon boots (black and white) and the Nartilla sandals.  The commonality in all of these styles is the platform.  I personally have an affinity for platform boots and sneakers and have found them to be a very comfortable option for my flat, wide feet.

Below are images of myself wearing each style:

Are Dr. Martens true to size?

I get this question a lot and to be honest, the answer is a bit tricky.  I have read many reviews that recommend sizing down a half size to a full size.  I have wide feet so I went with my regular size in the boots and they fit perfectly.  You also have to take into account that Dr. Martens boots are often going to require you to wear socks, which we will talk more about, so keep in mind that if you do have a bit of room in your boots, that could be a good thing because it will allow room for socks whether thick or thin.  

Also, in regards to the width of Dr. Martens, I have found them very wide foot friendly.  From what I've seen online, they do not make a wide width, but most of their shoes do have a wider foot-bed so I have had no issues with them.  Plus, since the boots have eyelets, they are adjustable to any ankle size.  So all in all, I would say order at your own discretion.  You never know until you try them!

Are Dr. Martens heavy?

It depends on the style!  Jadon boots are a bit heavy and take some time to get adjusted to; however, I am used to them now.  It is something that is definitely not overwhelming by any means.  You just have to give yourself time to get used to them.  The Nartilla sandals are super lightweight, though.  I was able to put them on right out of the box and wear for over five hours with no issues.  Very easily the most comfortable sandals I own.

How do you break in Dr. Martens?

I'm sure there are multiple ways that you can break in new boots, but this is what worked for me.  I wore tall, thick socks (...think winter socks) with them and began wearing them out and about for short periods of time.  For example, I wore them to brunch or to run errands for a few hours at a time.  I did this a few times and then worked my way up to wearing them for five hours or more.  It took me wearing them maybe five times before I truly broke them in.  This may sound like a lot, which I'm hoping it doesn't, but it was worth it!   You'll see more why below.  

I do want to reiterate the absolute importance, though, of wearing thick socks with Dr. Martens.  The back of Dr. Martens can be very stiff and you want to not only protect your heels, but give yourself ankle support as you're getting used to wearing them.

Also, I found that the Nartilla sandals do not need to be broken in.  They are super comfortable right out of the box!

Are Dr. Martens comfortable?

YES!  Once you break your Dr. Martens in, they are a dream!  As many of you know, I work part time in retail and I am able to wear my Jadon boots for five hours or more without any foot pain.  They are so worth the breaking in process!

Do you own a pair of Dr. Martens?  Are there any questions you have that I missed?

God bless & stay fab,


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