February 25, 2024

The Seven Easiest Items to Thrift


It feels so good to get back into thrifting! I took a bit of a hiatus last year because to be honest, I was not finding much at the thrift when I would go. With the growing popularity of thrifting, it was not leaving much on the racks to discover in my area. So, I took a break and during that break, I discovered my love of estate sales. I was actually leaving an estate sale recently one Saturday morning when I decided to drop into Goodwill. I started this new year optimistic about thrifting again and my first thrift trip of the year was so fruitful.

You know they say that the beginning and end of the year is a good time to thrift because of so many people cleaning out their homes for tax season. I could not believe how full the racks were. I found so much! Plus, because of my new love for estate sales, I have broadened my horizons to thrifting more than accessories and clothing. I have started thrifting more housewares, such as glasses, utensils and more.

As I have been getting back into it, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the most common things you can find at the thrift store. It's not limited to clothes and the best part is that EVERYONE can find something. 

The Seven Easiest Items to Thrift

1. Outerwear

Outerwear is by far one of my favorite things to thrift because of the ability to find high quality pieces. You can find amazing vintage blazers, coats and more at the thrift store. Plus, you can find trendy ones, statement ones, etc.

2. Housewares

Whether you have an upcoming dinner party or you're just in the market for items for home, the thrift store is the perfect place to find affordable housewares. I've found everything from formal dinner plates to cute, pink glasses. I'm still even giddy about the perfect measuring cup I got for $1. 

3. Dresses & Skirts

There are always plenty of dresses and skirts available every time I go to the thrift store. I love that you can find the denim dresses that our teachers used to wear back in the day and even fashionable skirts that you give you Clueless vibes.

4. Children's Clothing

The children's section surprisingly does not have many people in it when I go thrifting; however, so many people are missing out on quality clothing in that section. New or very gently used children's clothes are donated often so it's a great place to find a variety of children's clothes.

5. Accessories

Accessories are typically my second favorite thing to find while thrifting. You can find high quality pieces at the thrift store like great costume jewelry, silk scarves, hats and more. Since I love layering jewelry, I absolutely cannot leave the thrift store without checking the section to see what gems I can find. I found a beautiful gold necklace marked down to $2 recently!

6. Jeans

If you are in need of jeans, check out your local thrift store! They usually have racks on racks on racks of jeans and you can find every fit from baggy to straight leg. If you are someone looking to distress a pair of jeans yourself, the thrift store is the perfect place to grab an affordable pair.

7. Graphic Tees

Thrifted graphic tees have my heart! They can be a bit trickier to find due to resellers often scoping them out, but there's nothing like finding a vintage graphic tee at the thrift store. I have found some of the quirkiest tees. One of my favorite finds is a Tupac tee that my husband actually found for me while thrifting in Winston Salem.   

What is your favorite thing to find at the thrift store?

God bless & stay fab,


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