December 26, 2010

Red My Lips

Hello Fashionistas!

I hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas! :-)

Now that Christmas is coming to a close, I know that many of you are getting ready for New Year's Eve.  By New Year's Eve being on a Friday this year, I can only imagine the events you all have to attend!  Well, don't worry because I'm here to provide another tip on how to sparkle throughout this holiday season and trust me, this tip will add some sexiness to complete your New Year's Eve look.

Now...  Anyone who knows me, knows I lipstick.  I love bright red all the way to deep red, matte to shiny.  I have always thought of red as a beautiful color for all skin tones.  Red is not only timeless and classic, but sophisticated.  A red lip can truly complete your look AND make your smile appear whiter.  [There's been studies on this fashionistas!]  Red lipstick is a beauty must-have!

I have several red lipsticks and glosses on my vanity, but I have chosen three of my favorites to share with you all.  I have chosen these three because they are not only long lasting, but also easily accessible and not too expensive.  I also have taken a few photos of them on my lips so you can get a feel for them.  [Note:  My flash was on.]


1.  Revlon Matte Lipstick - Strawberry Suede  ($7)
            [Rite Aid or Any Local Drugstore]

I recently purchased this lipstick during a BOGO event.  I am in love with this lipstick!  Not only is it affordable, but it lasts a long time on your lips.  The matte texture allows it to adhere and stay longer on your lips.  Also, this is not a shockingly bright red.  Due to the flash, it came off as a pinkish color.  In natural lighting, it's a lighter red.  This can be worn to the office or out.  [Note:  I recommend applying lip balm before this lipstick.]

2.  mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain - Lolli  ($9) 
           [Local Avon Representative OR]

Before purchasing this lip stain, I had never really used a lip stain before.  I had seen several commercials for lip stains, but never really tried them because they appeared to be dry on the lips.  I saw this advertised in a Mark by Avon book and was intrigued by the description.  The description stated that the lip stain starts out glossy and then turns into a long lasting stain.  I decided to give it a whirl and I'm glad I did.  This lip stain is awesome!  It does exactly like I described and it's won many beauty awards from magazines.  This lipstick is perfect for when you're on the go and don't have time to constantly re-apply lipstick.  Plus, it's very soothing to the lips...something we ALL need in winter!  Can be worn to the office or out.  [Note:  Due to the flash, it appears to have more of a pink hue, but it's more of a lighter red and becomes darker as the gloss fades.]

3.  MAC Dare to Wear LipGlass - Bold & Brash (Varies)
            [No longer available through MAC -- Try]

Now you all KNOW I loves me some MAC!  Yes!  I have been a MAC fan since early college and that's because MAC has some of the best products!  One thing I've always loved about MAC are their lipglasses.  Talk about AWESOMENESS!  I was introduced to this little tube in particular back in August.  The formula of this is supposed to be like a lip gloss; however, it's thicker so it lasts longer.  This lip gloss is simply gorgeous and I've never seen any red like this before.  This red is more of a deeper color with sparkles.  The sparkles are not frosty so it's very wearable without being too bright.  This lipstick is perfect for going out or date night.  Not very suitable for the office.


If any of you all are wondering, I did not use a lip pencil for any of the photos.  I usually don't use one, but if I do, I use MAC's lip pencil in Redd.  [Not a typo, haha!]

As always, if you all have any questions or comments, please write me!  Thanks for reading & God bless!


  1. Ash E. I read this blog a long time ago, but was going back through your blog to refresh myself and read this one again. What's a good guideline to use to determine what kind of red is office appropriate or not? I know there are certain colors I wouldn't wear period and definitely wouldn't wear in the office....but when it comes to such a common color as red, how do you decide what's okay and what's not?


  2. @Anonymous Hey Juice! The first thing you want to do is find the best shade for you. For women of color, the darker berry shades and bright reds work very well on our skin tone. For the office, I tend to go with darker reds. A good example of a shade I wear to the office often is "Fancy Red" by Sephora. It's a lipstick in the form of a pencil for $12. I hate I don't have it mentioned here but I wasn't introduced to that line until later. The main focus is on a darker, rich shade. Hope this helps! Also, just another tidbit... I tend to apply lip liner with all my lipsticks because it helps them last longer and I don't have time to do touch ups. I use MAC's "Redd" lip liner. I believe it's $14 but I've had the same pencil for YEARS and I use it nearly everyday.


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