December 20, 2010

Ring It In

Hello Fashionistas!

Thanks for returning to my blog.  I hope that you enjoyed my first posting last week.

Since the holidays are here, I wanted to focus on giving you tips to shine for any event. Last week, I talked about giving your fingertips a little sparkle and now I want to focus on really making a statement.

One of my favorite ways of making a statement is by wearing... statement jewelry!  Now for those that may be wondering, "What is statement jewelry?"  It is a bold piece of jewelry designed to stand out and indeed "make a statement."  Most of the time, statement jewelry comes in the form of a necklace, ring or earrings.  My favorite piece of statement jewelry are rings and this season, a statement ring can really pull your outfit together, look sophisticated and make you sparkle throughout the holidays.

Here are a few examples of statement rings:

Both rings are costume.  Costume jewelry is less expensive so you can afford to have more pieces.

**One key bit of advice is that when you purchase costume rings, before wearing, paint the band of the ring with clear nail polish.  This will prevent the color of the band from fading and leaving the a mark around your finger.


Where to buy?

The first ring was purchased at a jewelry party for $10.  [For one of a kind pieces like this and other jewelry, please contact Farrah at]

The second ring is available at Forever 21 in stores or at for less than $5[Note:  Forever 21 has FREE shipping for all orders over $50!]


Any questions or comments?  Write me!  God bless!

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