January 9, 2011

Asos Curve Review

Hello Fashionistas!

As you all know, I'm always on the hunt for new items whether it be new beauty or fashion items.  I learn about many new products from YouTube and other blogs I follow.  I recently became addicted to Youtube (...like you aren't addicted) and as I was looking at JuSLiVn's channel, she mentions the website, Asos.  The website has a section called Asos Curve that is made for plus sizes.  As all of the plus size ladies know, it's hard to find companies who actually make fun and fashionable clothing for sizes larger than a 10.  She also showed her Asos Curve dress for her Outfit of the Day.  I decided to give the website a looksie...

What is Asos?

Asos is an online clothing site based in the United Kingdom.  From my understanding, they do not have any actual stores.  They are solely based online.  They recently created a website for the United States.  When I checked out their website, they not only have plus size clothing, but also maternity and petite clothing.  They also have accessories, shoes, handbags, etc.  I was very impressed with their plus size section.  They have a little over 100 items in the section.  They have everything from leggings and dresses to jackets and swimsuits.  The sizes range from US 16 to US 22.  Also, they have free shipping...even for returns!

What is the price range?

The only thing about the website that bothers me is the cost.  Asos is definitely NOT cheap.  The pricing is similar to the GAP.  A pair of pants may range from $50-70.  I know some may not think that's expensive, but I'm a bargain hunter.  I try to catch clearance and sales racks on the regular!  Since I was impressed with their items, I decided to branch out and buy a few.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

I bought three items from the website.  I bought a kimono dress, a pair of chinos and leather panel leggings.  I also purchased them with expedited shipping.


Although I love the clothes, I wasn't satisfied with the shipping.  I purchased the expedited shipping, which was $12, and I was supposed to receive my order in four days.  Due to bad weather, Asos e-mailed me and stated they would not be able to get my package to me on time and refunded my shipping charge.  [Kudos to them!!]  Also, they gave me a discount on a future purchase.  My dissatisfaction came with feeling ill-informed about the shipping process.  Since Asos has a US based website, I was under the impression that the clothing would be shipped from within the states.  The items still ship from the United Kingdom.  Also, once they go through customs, THEY choose the carrier.  I usually prefer USPS or UPS to deliver because they usually don't require a signature.  They chose FedEx which required a signature.  It was a little inconvenient.


These clothes are so cute!  I will attach photos of what I purchased.

[Note:  For those wondering why I have no pictures of me IN the clothes, be patient.  I shall have pictures up soon!  :-)]

Be sure to leave any questions or comments!  God bless!

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