April 2, 2011

My Natural Hair Journey

Hello My Beauties!

Many of you all know that I cut my hair about a month ago in an effort to go back natural.  Since the cut, I have mainly been wearing my hair straight.  However, as many of you naturals know, it's hard to keep your hair straight.  If even a hint of moisture fills the air, your do is DONE.  Because of this, I have begun washing and conditioning my hair and wearing it natural.  I just wanted to show you all a few pictures from the past two weeks.

[Note:  Check out how fast my hair has grown!]

March 23

March 31

It's only been a little over a week and you can see the difference in length.  I hate I didn't take the picture at the same angle as last time but you all get the idea!  :-)

God bless!

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