August 3, 2011

Cream and Coco Handmade All-Natural Skincare [Review: Part One]

Hello Beauties!

I have a special treat for you all.  Ever heard of Cream and Coco?  Well, if you haven't, this may be a product line you may want to get to know.  Cream and Coco was created by a NC State graduate named Victoria who has a knack for natural skincare and hair care.  When I learned about her line, I asked for a few samples to try to show you all.  I received them in the mail today and let me tell you...  I could smell them before I even opened my mailbox!  They smell awesome and not only that, they look beautiful!  I plan to try these products over the next few days.  Until then, take a gander at these babies...  Also, thanks again Victoria!

Facebook PageCream & Coco

Any comments?  Leave them below!


  1. Hi Ms.Ellis,
    How was the hair pudding?
    Angel Musgrave

  2. @Anonymous Hey Angel! The hair pudding made my hair incredibly soft, but I didn't get as much definition as I'd hoped. Victoria told me I needed to use a paddle brush and then apply the product. It's one of her best sellers so I think it was on my end.


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