September 6, 2011

Product Monday: Sephora's Cream Lip Stain Review

Hello Beauties!

I know, I know...  It's clearly Tuesday and I'm writing about Product Monday.  Well, yesterday I was off from both of my jobs so I figured I would get some rest.  Naturally, I didn't forget about you all though!  :-)

A few Sundays ago, I was roaming through Sephora with my home girl Carmen.  We were browsing through Sephora's Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils, which I mentioned HERE, when she pointed to the cream lip stains.  Now from prior experience, I had not been a fan of lip stains.  They seemed to be too dry no matter how much moisturizer you used beforehand.  Since Sephora is the world of makeup play, I decided to try them out and...  I was pleasantly surprised.  They do have a matte finish, but the colors are exquisite.

[Note:  Sorry for the dark photos!]

L - R02 - Classic Beige, 07- Dark Berry, 05 - Infinite Rose, & 03 - Strawberry Kissed
L - R02 - Classic Beige, 07- Dark Berry, 05 - Infinite Rose, & 03 - Strawberry Kissed
(Directly After Application)
(After Drying)

I have worn these lip stains in their original form (matte) and with lip gloss.  I prefer them with lip gloss over; however, they last a great deal of time with or without lip gloss.  I have been able to wear the matte finish with no reapplication for an eight hour work day.

Price:  $12
Location:  Sephora In-Store & ONLINE

Here are a few photos with me wearing these lip stains:

Wearing 05 - Infinite Rose

Wearing 07 - Dark Berry

Wearing 03 - Strawberry Kissed

Do you love lip stains?  Let me know what you think.  God bless!


  1. Awww...I get a shout-out! I think I like infinite rose the best. Now that I found the perfect coral, I'm on the hunt for a perfect pink, lol. Thanks for this post. You have been an inspiration to me ;-) I find myself experimenting more with lipsticks because of you, hehe!

  2. Dark Berry is HOT! I`ll have to check these out sometime.

  3. @Carmen Awww! You know I had to give you a shout out because you definitely pointed to them! You're so sweet though. Glad I'm helping you "venture out." Never be afraid of color. Infinite Rose is definitely an awesome pink though. Not too bright. :)

  4. @Courtney Thanks for the comment! Dark Berry is pretty sexy especially for winter.

  5. I love the infinite rose one, and girl I can not stop staring at your eyebrows. Post about them please!

  6. @All That Sparkles Thank you! I really need to make a post about my eyebrows, but I've been doing them so long that I'm not sure if I know how to explain it. I will try! :)

  7. i love the strawberry kiss, but you beautiful in all of them! i agree! please post about your brows :)))


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