September 11, 2011

Natural Hair Salon: Taji Shabu (Raleigh, NC)

Hello Beauties!

I pray you all are doing awesome and have had a great weekend!  My weekend has been filled with great company, good food and love.  All three were much needed.

I wanted to take the time to do two things today.  First, let me say that I truly appreciate everyone who reads and follows my blog.  Creating this blog was something that many encouraged me to do and although I was apprehensive at first, I'm glad I decided to take their advice.  It has been a blessing to me that people even take the time to read it and I'm thankful for it.  Thanks for following my blog!

The second portion of my blog is dedicated to giving credit where credit is due.  I chose to go back natural in March of this year.  Since I have been natural, it has been a journey because I wasn't altogether sure how to care for my hair nor what works best for it.  There are also not many salons that cater to natural hair.  Since I have moved to Raleigh, I have been blessed to find Taji's Natural Hair Styling Salon.

I have visited this salon twice and was blessed with the owner, Taji, doing my hair and then the second time with the lovely, Ifetayo doing my hair.  Both of these ladies worked wonders on my hair and the atmosphere within the shop was just great.  I absolutely loved it!  If you are natural and living in the Raleigh or surrounding areas, I highly recommend this salon.  Check out a few photos of my hair:

Two Stand Twists

Two Stand Twists
For more information on Taji's Natural Hair Styling Salon, check out the sites below:

Taji's Natural Hair Styling Website:

Facebook Page:

Thanks again for reading!  God bless you.


  1. I love the twist...I never tried that in my hair before

  2. @All That Sparkles Thanks! I think they would look good on your hair. They are so nice and even nicer when you untwist them. I usually keep mine in for about a week and a half and then do a twist out.

  3. you go girl!! rockin both styles - super cute!!

  4. I love your hair, especially how it looks with those beautiful strong brows :)) go girl!!


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