November 28, 2011

Product Monday: My Top Five MAC Lip Liners

Hello Beauties!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Even though I worked a lot during my Thanksgiving break, I was thankful to have time to spend with my family.

Today's Product Monday is going to be just a little different.  I wanted to highlight my favorite brand of lip liners, which is MAC.  I have been using MAC's lip liners since mid-college and although I have drifted away from many of my once-coveted MAC products, this is one I simply will not and cannot shake.

A lot of bloggers have done comparisons between NYX and MAC lip liners.  I did that comparison myself around a year ago and NYX does not even compare to MAC's longevity.  MAC's lip liners have more of a dry, matte form that allow them to stay on your lips for hours.  It is the perfect liner for those who work 8-5 like myself or simply do not have time to re-apply makeup throughout the day.  This is the perfect way to make any lipstick or gloss LAST.

Below are my top five MAC lip liners:

(Top - Bottom):  Chestnut, Oak, Magenta, Plum & Redd

(Left to Right):  Redd, Plum, Magenta, Oak, & Chestnut
What colors can I pair these lip liners with?
  • Oak - This is the best nude colored lip pencil I have ever used.  This is ideal for nude shades.  It goes great with Mark by Avon's Bare Hug lipstick.   
  • Chestnut - This is the first of the liners that I ever owned.  This is the perfect liner to go with lip gloss.  I enjoy using it with MAC's lipgelee in Straight to the Head.
Cost:  $14  

Where to Buy:  MAC in-store or online

Do you own any of MAC's lip liners?  Do you like NYX's lip liners better?

Thanks for reading & God bless!


  1. Gosh it's just so hard for me to pay for MAC >.<! lol I use their powder foundation and was once an avid MAC purchaser, but I've kinda gone away from that. I would like to try a lipstick/liner from them though. Also, oak is *so* nude, I didn't even notice the swatch at first haha!

  2. I don't have any MAC lip liners. I think I need Oak in my life. Adding to the list. Thank goodness for that good ol' pro discount lol

  3. Chestnut must be like the "starter" lip liner,because I don't wear much makeup and it's the first (and only) lipliner that I own...Anyway I'm a first time visitor, I found your blog through the comment you left on Style and Poise blog. Lol, I'm always happy to see another blogger from NC also.


  4. Ugh I wish I was as adventurous wit my makeup ).=

  5. I use NYX and N.Y.C. they both work fine for me; NYX pencils look exactly like those MAC ones. And they work just fine. Girl, I can't bring myself to pay no $14 for a pencil when I can find a whole outfit for that amount! I have splurged here and there for MAC, but that was for some shadows and some lipglass, which based on their staying power was worth it.

  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing :) I love playing around with makeup but haven't tried many Mac products. Happy Monday! :)

  7. you know, for as many as I have MAC lipsticks, I don't own a single MAC lipliner... what a shame on me lol!!! I want Redd... if not just for the name ;)

  8. Cute blog!
    I am now a follower.

  9. I love my MAC liners they are my go to very creamy for sure....
    I do love Pro Long Wear also they are very good at staying put.
    I have tried NYX but sad to say they just don't do much for me... I feel they just don't get the job done but is my personal opinion

  10. These lip colors are fab! I'm never sure if I'll look like a clown in lip liner or not, but these are great! I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I even started following! Stop by, follow back and let me know what you think! XO

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  11. Heyy girl thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I do feel so much better! I'm up and running again...with lots of outfit posts coming up. YAY!

    Can you do a post on your fab eyebrows!! I can't deal...they are so amazing


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