November 22, 2011

Thrifting: How I Wore It

Hello Beauties!

I have had a hectic schedule over the past few weeks, but I wanted to take the time to do two things.  First, let me say to you all...  Happy Thanksgiving!  I pray you all have a wonderful holiday.  We all have so much to be thankful for.

I am thankful personally for God allowing His favor in my life and blessing me to not only make a move back to a bigger city but blessing me to have a great career change since last year. Being able to work in an area you are passionate about is a blessing.

The other topic I wanted to discuss is thrifting.  Recently, I was able to take a trip to Charlotte where I had an awesome adventure in thrifting.  I was able to pick up some great pieces and recently I wore two of my favorite (and cheapest) finds.  Take a look...

Talbots Sweater - $1.50

Dress - $3.50
After having the sweater dry cleaned ('s wool) and washing the dress, I was finally able to wear them.

[Note:  Forgive my awful pictures!!]

Dress - GAP / Necklace - Its Fashion Metro

Belt & Vest - Forever 21

I think accessories can really dress up any outfit!  Thanks for reading & have a wonderful holiday.  God bless!


  1. I've never had any luck thrifting =(

  2. you are ferocious hun!!! i love the dress, belt and vest combo :)) beautiful daaahhhlingggg!!

  3. hello there hun.... thanks for checking my blog.
    and your comment
    I like the items you found ....I have been meaning to go thrift shopping just haven't found the time..
    but I have noticed how more and more... it is becoming the new thing to do...

    Blessings hun and for sure now following your blog

  4. great job thrifting! you had some awesome finds! i only have mediocre luck when thrifting! lol

  5. Thank you ladies! I really enjoy thrifting and you don't always find great buys, but the thrill of finding one of a king pieces is worth it!

  6. I got into thrifting a couple of years ago, and I LOVE it! Cute sweater, btw.

    Closet Confections - A Sweet Little Personal Style Blog

  7. Teach me your ways! You got some amazing finds!



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