January 25, 2012

Product Monday: Wet 'n Wild "I Heart Matte" Palette

Hello Beauties!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your week.  My week has started off productive, which is always great!  Today I want to share with you all my review of an eyeshadow palette I recently purchased.  Now I have to be honest...  I wasn't sure if I should review this palette because this was a limited edition item that may no longer be available at your nearest Walgreens; however, I have a new-found love for Wet 'n Wild products and I wanted to really share this with you all.

Today I am reviewing the Wet 'n Wild "I Heart Matte" Eye Shadow Palette.  For my avid beauty lovers, I am sure you may have already heard of this palette.  This palette was a limited edition item only sold at Walgreens during the recently passed holiday season.

Walgreens:  $4.99
I actually learned of this palette after it had already been removed from Walgreens' shelves.  I then used my back up plan and found it on E-Bay.  In a sense, that is why I still wanted to feature this item because if you are like me...  You will find what you want!

More Product Views:

I rarely used matte shades in the past, but I have fallen in love with them as of late.  They are perfect for neutral looks and I love blending and adding them to shimmery looks as well.

Swatches over Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance:

Aren't they beautiful?  These shadows are smooth and swatched like a dream.  Other reviewers have complained about the black and purple shades being patchy, but I did not experience this issue.

  • Affordable 
  • GREAT pigmentation
  • Long lasting 
  • None! 

My Thoughts
    I honestly love all of the colors.  Every time I use a Wet 'n Wild product, I am pleasantly surprised.  I absolutely love this palette and I think it can be used for various look.  I can see myself getting the most use out of the neutral side.  The peachy color (second at the top) is great for a neutral eye! 

    Photos of a Neutral Eye Look using "I Heart Matte":

    What do you all think of this palette?  Is it worth trying to find?  Thanks for reading & God bless! 


    1. it looks really pigmented..  great look x

    2. i had no clue that this was LE, i'm glad i got it when it was still available.  i have it but have yet to use it!  lol shame on me!  i must change that soon

    3. Yes girl!  I went to about three different stores looking for it only to find it was limited edition.  You have got to use this ASAP!

    4. Wet & Wild has come a long way!  I haven't tried their eyeshadows as of yet, but their new Matte lipstick line is great!  I have almost purchased all colors....lol.  That palette looks like it is very pigmented!!!  I give it an A+.


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