August 31, 2016

Natural Hair | My Experience Going from Red to Blonde Hair


If you've seen me on social media in the last few days, I'm sure I'm looking a bit different than normal.  You all know that I love switching up my hair.  In the last few years, I've worn everything from red hair to shaved sides to crochet locs.  One hairstyle I've always wanted to try, but had been a bit afraid to, is blonde hair.  I love how blonde hair looks on women of color, but I have heard horror stories of how drying and damaging it can be.  I tend to be one of those people who likes to at least try something once so I decided for my 30th birthday, I was going to finally go blonde.

August 29, 2016

Personal Style | 30th Birthday Style with ELOQUII


Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes last week!  I had an amazing 30th birthday.  I spent the day in Charlotte, North Carolina visiting a dear friend, eating great food and trying new things.  I naturally continued the celebration into the weekend by attending a family event and a food truck festival in Downtown Greensboro.  One thing that made this birthday extra special is that I worked with Eloquii to make sure I slayed my entire birthday weekend.  They were gracious enough to send me amazing pieces to wear during my birthday celebration.  Eloquii is one of my favorite plus size brands so I was so happy to wear their clothing during the celebration.

August 25, 2016

Lifestyle | Five Lessons My 20s Taught Me


I can hardly believe today is my 30th birthday.  It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from college.  Time has gone by so quickly, but as I have been thinking back over my life these past few weeks, I realize that I've grown so much throughout the years.  A lot of growth and maturity has taken place during my 20's.  There were some tough moments and as well as victories.  I feel like today is a perfect day to tell more of my own truth and testimony.  It's important for me to share my story with others so that you know that you are never alone in things you may face.

August 22, 2016

Personal Style | #FabsThrifty30: The Thrifted Clutch Bag


Last week, I shared that there are certain sections in the thrift store you should never skip.  These sections may contain gems that may be missed unless you take a moment to look through them.  The handbag section is definitely one section to not sleep on.  The thrift store is not only a great place to find designer brands, but you would be surprised at the great quality, vintage bags they may have.  One of my favorite type of bags to purchase from the thrift store are clutch bags.  Vintage clutch bags are so...clutch.  Many of the bags are so versatile and honestly unique that you would probably never see someone rocking the same one you have.

August 18, 2016

Beauty | Three Black 2016 Olympians Whose Makeup Absolutely Slayed


If you've been like me over the past few weeks, you have been in awe of the absolute black girl magic taking place at the 2016 Olympics.  It's been so inspiring to watch athletes like Simone Biles, Simone Manuel, Michelle Carter and so many others take home the gold.  As I have been watching the Olympics, one thing that I couldn't help but notice is the absolute makeup slayage that many of the athletes are bringing to the games.  When I think of the Olympics, I think of heat and sweat, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with looking good while competing.  I wanted to share a few black athletes whose makeup has been on point during the Olympics.