Personal Style | Beaded Up feat. eShakti

Hello Beauties!

This year so far has been filled with several new experiences for me.  From cutting my hair to starting a new job, it is starting off as a year of great transition.  One thing that hasn't changed this year is my love for online company, eShakti.  I first reviewed eShakti in 2013.  I loved the fact that the company had a wide range of sizes, customization and overall, classic looks.  I realized when eShakti reached out to me review an item from their collection during the holidays, I had never reviewed a blouse from them.


Learn More About Me - 10 Questions Tag

Hello Beauties!

I know that most of the time when each of you visit my blog, it may be for beauty, fashion or natural hair topics.  Last year, I began to share more about who I am and my healthy living journey.  This year, I plan to continue to share about myself, things I've been through and ways I want to encourage other women.  Last week, I was tagged by the beautiful, Maria Antoinette in the 10 Question Tag.  Keep reading to see my answers to her chosen 10 questions...


Natural Hair | Divatress.com - FreeTress Creta Girl Half Wig Review

Hello Beauties!

Thank you for all of the positive feedback on my haircut in my last post!  Sometimes I still can't believe I worked up the nerve to have my sides shaved, but each day, I wake up, I love the way it looks.  While I decided to get a haircut this winter, a lot of naturalistas are wearing protective styles during this season to protect their hair and scalp.  A wig is a common protective style and last month, I was sent the FreeTress Creta Girl Half Wig by Divatress.com.


Natural Hair | Shaving It Off

Hello Beauties!

Happy New Year!  Throughout the past few weeks, there has been quite a bit of transition in my life.  I went from the non-active Ashley to one who works out, tries new things like zumba, has improved eating habits and I even have a new job.  2014 brought a lot of maturity to my life and a lot of the things that I went through, made me more comfortable and confident in who I am as a woman.  With all the transition in my life, I thought it would be the perfect time do something I'd been wanting to do for awhile.


Beauty | derma e Evenly Radiant Brightening Cleanser & Day Creme Review

Hello Beauties!

I consider skincare to be the most important step in my makeup routine.  Proper skincare can do wonders for your skin overall and if you're a makeup wearer, proper skincare can make your skin look more even and smooth.  When I was contacted by derma e to review a few products from their line, I knew that I wanted something to address the hyperpigmentation on my face.  After reading about the Evenly Radiant Line, I felt it would be perfect to try.  Keep reading to learn more and see my full review...