June 13, 2017

Personal Style | I Finally Jumped on the #VBxTarget Collection!


Am I the only person who jumped on the Victoria Beckham Collection for Target a bit late?  When I first saw the collection, I liked it.  I just didn't feel the need to rush out and get it.  So, about a week after the collection dropped, I stopped in Target and my local Target literally still had almost the entire collection.  I was shocked to say the least because if you know Target's designer collections, they typically don't stick around long.  What made this collection extra special is that it was the first designer collection Target had that featured both the regular and plus sizes in store.  So, when I was in store and saw that plenty of plus size pieces were still available, I decided to have an impromptu try on session.

June 6, 2017

Lifestyle | Here is Why You Should Be Careful Who You Follow Online...


I have thought about writing this post for some time.  I kept pushing the idea to the side, but I decided that today I needed to share something I felt was important with each of you.  When I was younger, my mom always taught me to be careful with what I watched on television.  She, of course, was speaking from a biblical standpoint because in the bible, it often talks about guarding your eyes and your heart.  What you watch can effect your inner spirit.  We live in a day where it's not just television that we are watching all day.  We are watching social media too.  From videos on YouTube to scrolling Instagram, many of us are connected all day long, me included.  We are exposed to so much daily and it wasn't until last year that I realized the importance of guarding what we take in.

May 24, 2017

Travel | Five Fabulously Fun Things to Do in St. Augustine, Florida That Are Surprisingly $10 or Less


Last week, I spent four days in St. Augustine, Florida and needless to say, I didn't want to come home.  St. Augustine, also known as the Nation's Oldest City, has been on my list of places to visit for the past few years.  Between the history, gorgeous architecture and beautiful beaches, I felt it was a place that had everything my husband and I love.  So, after deciding St. Augustine would be the perfect place for our third wedding anniversary vacation, I asked myself, "Is St. Augustine a place we could visit even on a budget?" The answer is yes!  Whether you are visiting St. Augustine, Florida with your family, your girls or even alone, there are so many things to do that are $10 or less and some are even free!

May 11, 2017

Personal Style | Going from Day to Night Fabulously with JTV.com Jewelry

This post was sponsored by JTV.com. I was paid for this post and received JTV.com jewelry pieces as compensation.


There is one thing I often preach and that is the importance of having versatile pieces in your wardrobe.  I believe in wardrobe essentials that can easily go from day to night.  I recently showed you how you can wear a maxi dress three ways, including for casual Saturdays, the office and even date night.  What is the key to making a piece work several ways?  Accessories!  Accessories can easily take a great piece from the office right to girls night out.  Today I’m teaming up with JTV.com to share how I’m taking this great floral maxi dress from day to a night on the town.

May 8, 2017

Events | I Tried the New McDonald's #SignatureCrafted Menu and It's the Bomb


Remember last week when I openly professed my love for iced caramel coffee?  Making a morning stop at McDonald's for a medium iced caramel coffee is a faithful routine for me, but I realized that I rarely visit McDonald's for lunch or dinner.  All that has changed now because of the new Signature Crafted menu McDonald's recently introduced.  I'm a girl that likes options and if I'm being real, I love fancy things too.  You get both with their new menu and who doesn't love being able to create their own sandwich?  I had the opportunity to try the new menu for myself last week along with the Triad Women Bloggers Network and let's just say...  McDonald's is changing the game for fast food!