Beauty | Nicka K New York BB Cream Review


Now that it's officially summer, I have been on the hunt for a lightweight BB cream to replace my foundation.  You may have seen my review of the KISS Aqua BB Cream from a few years ago.  Although that's still one of my favorites, I was looking for something a little more lightweight.  While I was recently in my local beauty supply store, I came across the Nicka K New York BB Cream.  I had never seen it before and since it was under $10 in store, I decided to give it a try.  Keep reading to see what the Nicka K New York BB Cream is all about...


Personal Style | Life is Short, Wear Sequins


In last week's style post, I mentioned that the older I get, the more unapologetic I am about who I am.  Life is short.  I'm learning daily to accept myself, have fun and not sweat the small stuff.  When I saw this t-shirt in Francesca's last year, it was not only a great price, but I loved the message.  Life is short, wear sequins.  It's important to make the most of each day.  There's no need to wait to wear that special outfit, do something new or tell people that you love them.  Wear it, do it and tell them now!


Fashion | 15 Blogger Outfits That Slay the Color Red


A few weeks ago, I shared a style post wearing the color red.  I mentioned that I am on a mission to add more red to my wardrobe.  After the post went live, I received comments from people who, like myself, like the color red, but didn't seem to have much of it in their closets.  I wanted a way to show how easy it is to add red to your wardrobe.  I have collected photos of style bloggers flawlessly rocking red.  I hope you're inspired by these looks!


Beauty | My Caribbean Makeover with the UniverSoul Circus


If you follow me on Snapchat, then you may have seen the fun experience I had over the weekend.  A few weeks ago, the UniverSoul Circus, also known as the #BestCircusEver, contacted me to let me know their show would be coming to Greensboro June 21-26, 2016.  Knowing how much I love beauty, they offered me the opportunity to experience a Caribbean makeover with one of their Caribbean dancers, Krystal.  I loved the idea so I was immediately game!


Personal Style | Lemonade


I ain't sorry.  The older I get, the more unapologetic I am about the way I live my life.  I'm not sorry that I'm a Christian.  I'm not sorry that I love who I am.  I'm not sorry that I think I'm beautiful whether I choose to lose weight or not.  I'm not sorry about any of it.  It seems like Beyonce's Lemonade has been on repeat everywhere I go lately.  Lemonade is all I could think of when I received this yellow top from Mandy's Heaven.