Lifestyle | A Day in My Life & #WhatsAlwaysOnMe

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I'll be honest.  Ever since I got married last year, my days have been busier than ever.  Being a wife, working full time, managing FabEllis, keeping our home clean and trying to lose weight keep my days pretty full.  Two of the things that keep me going through crazy days are long-lasting makeup and freshness where it counts.  An easy way to stay fresh throughout the day is by using Always Xtra Protection Liners.  When it comes to liners, many women may think they are just for your monthly visitor, but they can be used every day to keep you fresh.


Fashion | Three Tips for a Fab Wardrobe at Blogalicious Weekend 2015


It's hard to believe Blogalicious Weekend 2015 is less than two weeks away.  I still remember getting ready for BlogaliciousFIVE.  I was excited about the sessions, opportunities to network and meeting some of my favorite bloggers.  In the midst of all my excitement, the one thing I wasn't quite sure about was what to wear.  After experiencing BlogliciousFIVE and other blogger workshops, I have a few tips on how to make your wardrobe absolutely fabulous for Blogalicious.


Events | IRMC Summer Fashion Show Recap


Even though I am on the road to better health, there is one thing that is undeniable...  I love being a curvy woman!  So naturally, when I Rock My Curves the Best (IRMC) invited me to their summer fashion show, I was automatically on board!  I have been a fan of IRMC since last summer when I attended their first fashion show in Downtown Greensboro.  This time around, the fashion was focused on swimwear and lingerie and yes, the curves were truly rocked.


Personal Style | #TwentyFine


It's hard to believe that today marks my 29th birthday.  It's amazing how time flies.  I still remember my 18th, 21st and 25th birthdays like they were yesterday and here I am, in my last year of my 20's.  To be honest, though, I feel fabulous.  I feel more focused on my personal goals, healed from past hurts and on the road to financial freedom.



Beauty | derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask Review


If you didn't know already, I am a huge fan of the natural skincare company, derma e.  They are one of my favorites because I realize now more than ever that not just natural foods, but natural skincare is essential.  derma e recently contacted me to share that they have a brand, spanking new collection called the Purifying line.  They sent me a few items to try and up first for review is the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask.