Personal Style | Fab Werkwear Series: Leather feat. The Jenesaisquoi & Linkup

Hello Beauties!

The first two weeks of the Fab Werkwear Series have been amazing!  So many ladies have linked up and used the hashtag on Instagram.  Last week, I saw some of my favorite prints including leopard and print.  This week's challenge is leather.  Leather was a material I had never worn to work before last year until I fell in love with a faux leather pleated skirt by Ashley Stewart.  Ever since then, I've loved leather in and outside of work.


Personal Style | My New Favorite Sweatshirt from Global Couture!

Hello Beauties!

When Global Couture contacted me about styling an item from their online shop, I knew that I was going to have a tough choice.  I've been looking at Global Couture's online store for awhile.  They have so many empowering shirts for men and women.  I love how they empower naturalistas and when I saw this sweatshirt, I knew it was the perfect choice.


Fashion | My Firmoo Glasses Ordering Experience & Review

Hello Beauties!

As I've been thinking about today's post, I have to say that it is a blessing to have vision insurance.  I shared in this post that I went awhile without having insurance.  I'm thankful to now have insurance and last month, I went for my first eye exam in four years.  This visit was even more exciting because I knew after my visit, thanks to Firmoo, I would be ordering my first pair of prescription glasses online.  Keep reading to see my online ordering experience and the review of my glasses...


Personal Style | Fab Werkwear Series: Prints & Linkup

Hello Beauties!

Thank you to everyone for all of your positive feedback about the Fab Werkwear Series!  The first week was wonderful!  Thank you to everyone who linked up and/or shared their classic white shirt looks online.  I loved seeing everyone's looks!  This week we're taking a look at prints.  I know what some of you may be thinking.  Where are my prints?  I decided to take the subtle approach.


Beauty | The Magic Pads Review

Hello Beauties!

I have to admit.  One of my favorite things to do on FabEllis is beauty reviews.  I just love trying a product, seeing how it works and if it's recommendable to you all.  I know that many of you that visit the blog rely on these reviews and I appreciate that you trust me to give you my honest thoughts.  Today's review is of The Magic Pads.  I was asked to give The Magic Pads a try last month and with almost a month of use, I felt it was time to share with you my review.  Let's learn about The Magic Pads and keep reading for my review...