March 16, 2012

Save or Splurge? - Aldo vs. Target

Hello Beauties!

Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons of the year.  With the approach of spring and the considerably warm weather in my area, it has my mind wandering to bright colors and sandals.  I am always an early shopper (browser) so I began some of my spring collection a few months ago.  With my search, I found a great pair of heeled sandals from Aldo.  Well, this week, I discovered a very similar pair at Target for literally a fraction of the price.

Take a look...
[Splurge] Aldo Altwies - $110

Keep Reading to See Similar Shoes for a Fraction of the Price...

[Save] Target Mossimo Petene Heeled Sandal - $29.99
Although I can't say these sandals are 100% alike, they are pretty close.  As soon as I saw the Target sandal, it reminded me of the one I had seen from Aldo.  I am a huge fan of Aldo's shoes, but with such a great similarity, Target wins my vote.

So, what do you ladies think?  Save or Splurge?

Thanks for reading, God bless & have a great weekend!

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  1. Hmmmmm.....gotta say splurge on this one!

  2. SAVE definitely! That color blue is so GORGE 

  3. Save I saw those sandals in Target and they are the! The color is so vibrant and pretty, to bad my foot is wide :(

  4. I want those Target heels

  5. i say save! both pairs are very cute! loveeee the colors.

  6. They are definitely a great buy!  I would say go for it.

  7. Did you try them on?  I have flat, wide feet myself and I am able to wear them with no problem.

  8. Chaquala GreenwoodMarch 17, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    Save! I've been looking for blue pumps for a while, but these sandals will do just fine for now! Heading to Target after work. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. SAVE!! I actually found the blue pumps at my local Target on clearance for $20.98 a few weeks ago!!

  10. I have the Target ones and I love them to pieces, they are super comfortable, give me almost 5 inches of extra height, and are so easy on the wallet!!! 100% hands down SAVE!!!

  11. lol yes i tried them :(

  12. i would splurge only because I love the pink color more than the blue.


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