April 1, 2012

Fashion Trend: Hi-Lo [Part One]

Hello Beauties!

How many of you have been seeing the new hi-lo trend lately?  I am usually not one to follow trends; however, I have been seeing this trend a lot and believe it or not, I love it.  When I first saw Jillian over at NuSophisticate show off her hi-lo, pleated skirt, I fell in love.  There was an air of sophisticated sexiness to it.  As I began to explore this new trend, I began to see it not only in skirts, but shirts as well.

Here are two pieces I found at a great price:

Forever 21+ - $17.80

Forever 21 - $15.80
I decided that I wanted to try this trend so on Friday, I took time to check out Forever 21 and Conway.  I was able to find a great skirt and a sheer button up blouse with the hi-lo look.  I chose to wear the button up the next day and I absolutely loved it.

Check it out:

Shirt:  Conway (...only $10!)
Necklace:  Its Fashion Metro

I loved this look and the bright purple made it fun.  So, the question is...

Would you try the hi-lo trend?

Stay tuned for my second look, including the hi-lo skirt.  Thanks for reading & God bless!


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