July 5, 2012

Nic's Top Five Thrifting Tips

Hello Beauties!

As I am revving up for "I Love Thrifting" Day this weekend, I wanted to share some thrifting tips with you.  Although I love thrifting, I thought it would the perfect time for my great friend Nic from Nic's Picks to share some of her top thrifting tips.  Nic is an avid thrifter and she has picked up some of the best thrifting finds I have ever seen.

Check out her top five thrifting tips:

1.  Scan your closet.
  • What do I have?  What do I need?

2. Make a list.
  • List your needs/wants.

3. Decide on a budget.
  • It is so easy to overspend because thrifted items are inexpensive; however, budgeting is key.  Decide what you really need based on season, event, etc.

4. Have a plan.
  • A good thrifting trip for me takes anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours, depending on the size of the store and the size of my list.
  • When you enter the thrift store, do a walk through.  Make a note of where everything is before you start to shop; this will also help decrease impulsive shopping.

  • If you see something that you like, grab it!  Try it on over your clothes, if possible, then decide.
  • I usually wear something comfy while thrifting so I won't have to go in the dressing room to try things on.  It saves a lot of time!

Nic has scored some great pieces while thrifting.  Check out some of her top thrifted finds below:

Thrifted Sunglasses:  Only 96 Cents!

Thrifted Dress & Blazer:  Under $10!

Thrifted Suit:  Only $10!

Thrifted Sequin Dress, Pumps & Earrings:  Under $20!

Nic's finds are just a clear example of how you can dress fabulous and be on a budget.  She has definitely been an inspiration for me.  Want to connect with Nic?  Check out the social networks she's on:

Facebook:  Nic James
Twitter:  @wnicjames
Blog:  Nic's Picks

Are you going thrifting on "I Love Thrifting" Day?  Tweet your pictures on July 7 using the hashtag, #ilovethrifting.  Thanks for reading & God bless!


  1. Go Nic!!! She finds the most amazing items :)


  2. She really does! Thanks for checking out the post Ashley! :-)

  3. That suit with the grey trim looks amazing! It looks really expensive! Good find!

  4. Thanks for reading the post! She always finds some amazing things! :-)

  5. thanks for the kind comments ladies! and especially to you ashley for letting me talk about thrifting!!! XOO!!


  6. Don't know where I'd be if it weren't for thrift stores. My mom started taking me to thrift stores about 10 years ago. Kind of jealous that it's become somewhat mainstream.lol. These tips are right on point though. Especially #4 I never go without knowing what I'm wanting to buy first.

  7. Thanks for checking out the post Ashley! To be honest with you, you aren't the first to tell me that they kind of dislike ti being mainstream. I definitely can relate since I have been thrifting since college years. I try to hit up the stores in smaller cities where there may be less traffic. :-)

  8. All of the finds were cute. i personally liked the beige shoesm, the pink blazer along with the dress. All your finds were beyond inexpensive and very much affordable. I love the advise that has been provided as well. GREAT job NIC!!


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