September 1, 2012

Fashion Trend: Peter Pan Collar Necklaces

Hello Beauties!

When I was in Chicago last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Terez of Dbabetta.  As we were heading to dinner with other BLM Girls in the Chi, I noticed her beautiful peter pan collared necklace.  I loved it so much that I asked her were she got it from and even attempted to find it the next day.

Peter pan collared necklaces are definitely the rage for the upcoming fall season and I love them!  They are perfect with t-shirts, shift dresses, collared shirts, button up shirts, etc.  They can bring a great pop to any outfit.  Plus, if you are not big into accessories, this could be the one piece you invest in for the season.

Although I wasn't able to find Terez's exact necklace, I found a similar one at H&M.  The exact necklace is not available online, but another one I'm loving is right here.

Do you like the peter pan inspired necklaces?

God bless & stay fabellis!


  1. Nice. I have one from H&M. A wire frame one. Not sure if I like mine yet, but yours is cute!


  2. Yours is cute but I don't care for them. -Style4Curves

  3. So cute, and looks great with your hair!

  4. Actually, I think its pretty cute. I just saw a girl yesterday at Ontario Mills Outlet with one on. I'll have to find one for myself. Thanks for this post!

  5. I love these kind of necklaces! :)
    I'm now following you, follow me back? :) x

  6. I need to get me one -- this obsession is contagious!! <3

  7. It's actually really cute. At first glance the length reminds me of a choker, but as I saw it on you I actually liked it. Had no idea about this trend. Thanks for putting me on game!

  8. im feeling this style, they look cute too.

  9. When I first started to see these collar necklaces I was like 'hmmmm' but now they really are growing on me


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