October 11, 2012

Guest Post: Day to Night - The Easy Way

Hello Beauties!

If you know me, you know I love thrifting!  I enjoy thrifting for a variety of reasons, but one of the the main reasons is the uniqueness of thrifted pieces.  I love piecing together an outfit with one of a kind items.  While I was in Chicago, I met another blogger who has the same love for thrifted treasurers.  I had the pleasure of meeting LeTroy of Thriftanista in the City.  I admire her style a great deal and invited her to do a guest post on how you can take a thrifted day outfit and easily turn it into night wear.

Check out her feature below:

I like to wear pieces that will transition well when I get in a mom’s night out. These are the pieces I've found that make the process effortless...

Jeans go with everything that’s why they are my favorite transition piece. Dressed up or down you can wear it almost anywhere and look great. Chambray shirts are also a hot trend right now. They work well with casual pants, yoga pants, or a frilly skirt!

a monotone color palette with a pop of color
Matching is definitely a breeze and going with all black will hide a small mysterious stain quite easily. I wouldn’t recommend an all white palette if you’re a SAHM! I’m wearing a button down in an animal print to add some interest to a very simple outfit. My day involves a lot of errand running and park playing so I’m normally wearing flat easy on and off shoe. I love wearing heels but sadly I am not talented enough to casually run around in them. Foot pain is worse than childbirth. For real.

easy fabrics that can be washed and / or doesn’t need ironing
My night’s out normally start in the evening so it’s quite possible I’m preparing dinner and still keeping Violet entertained while I’m getting ready. I like to wear fabrics that can go in the wash quickly if necessary or I can clean without having to take something off. Cotton and knits are definitely the fabrics of choice for me.

textured fabrics
In order to save time, I accessorize with textured clothing instead of wearing jewelry. Sequins and ruffles just happen to be two of my favorites! Chunky sweaters or tweeds work too.

What do you think? How do you transition from day to night?

button up shirt // Chaps / thrifted
coated jeans // Target
vintage sequin cardigan // / made in Hong Kong / thrifted
ruffle peplum tee // Express 
pink ballet flat // Unlisted / thrifted
purple pumps // Hype

Want to stay connected with Letroy?  Check out her blog here.

God bless & stay fabellis!



  1. Love her!! Her blog is awesome and she always scores the most amazing finds.

    Visiting from YUMMommy

  2. This transition is fab! I often have this issue and end up doing a completely different outfit altogether. I'll have to work on some of these tips . . .

  3. The Mommy in me screams YES!!! Have to have washables and love layering!

  4. Good transition! Both outfits are perfect for hanging out with family or going out on the town.

  5. Great transition. I would have paired the first outfit with a black blazer as well because the pop of red is so cute.

  6. I like this hunn xxx

  7. O wow... Thank you for sharing it's always good finding someone new in the blogosphere!!!!!


  8. Love to thrift. What a beautiful feature! Thanks for sharing this lovely lady. Wanted to stop by and tell you that your comments are so uplifting and special to me! Thank you! Kiah

  9. I love thrifting too! It's allowed me to really expand my wardrobe, and like you mentioned, have really unique pieces.
    Have you seen this site, Thrift Store Runway? I haven't entered yet, but readers can submit their thrifted looks and win cash prizes. I'm definitely going to enter.


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