October 9, 2012

Sisters Jewelry & Gifts Inc. - Greensboro, NC

Hello Beauties!

Over the weekend, I took a trip to Greensboro and during my adventure, I decided to stop into the popular store, Sisters Jewelry and Gifts.  I recently won a gift card from a giveaway contest they held on their Facebook page.  After winning the contest, I was excited to stop in and check out what they had to offer.

Upon arrival, I loved the fact that they were in downtown Greensboro amongst the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  When I walked into the store, the staff were very friendly and I loved the set up of the store.

It reminded me a lot of boutiques you may see in NYC.  They have a variety of unique pieces of jewelry, clothing, scarves, shoes and more.  Plus, the best part was how affordable their items were.

I decided to use my gift card to purchase a pair of aviator shades, earrings and an Aztec print scarf.  I got all three for around $35!  I couldn't wait to wear the scarf so I cut the tag and wore it the next day.  I got tons of compliments!  I can't wait to rock the rest of my items.

[Check out similar earrings & shades here:  Iridescent Triangle Earrings & Dana Buchman Sami Aviator Sunglasses]

So, if you are in the Greensboro area, definitely make it a point to stop into their store.  They will soon be setting up an online store so be sure to like their Facebook page to stay in the loop!

P.S.  Thanks to Alex for allowing me to take pictures in the store!  

God bless & stay fabellis!


  1. This what I love about NC you can always find a little spot that has awesome stuff! You picked up some great pieces and I love your top.

  2. This looks really cute, I like the earrings a lot. Your hair looks really good, too :)

  3. Great items; especially that scarf. I love it!


    PS Your hair looks great!

  4. Those earrings are so cute! (Give them to me. LOL. I'm teasing.) Great finds.

  5. Lucky you Miss... Loving the shades <3 x


  6. What a cool little shop? Love your haul. I need to see those earrings on. Thanks in advance!

  7. One of the many jewels of NC!!! I will definitely stop by next time I visit my old stomping ground (proud Trojan here) Looks like there is a ton of hidden treasures here!! As always, thanks!!

  8. Looks like a great little place to visit, too bad I'm don't like in SC!!!

    Carsedra of:



  9. Awww, such good memories! #spartanspirit
    You got some great purchases for a great price. Thanks for letting me know they are going to add an online store!


  10. That scarf is sooooo cute!!! looking forward to their fb page :))


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