November 19, 2012

Adventures in Thrifting

Hello Beauties!

It has been awhile since I have been thrifting, but on Friday, I had the opportunity to get out there and scour the racks.  I definitely experienced the good, bad and the ugly (not really ugly) portion of thrifting.  The great part is that I equipped with the best tool (patience) and a great thrifting partner.

My first and only stop was to the Goodwill Community Foundation in Goldsboro.  I spent about an hour in this store and found three items I loved.  When I go into thrift stores, I always tend to check accessories first and then head straight to suits and blazers.  This floral jacket/blazer immediately caught my eye.

It may look old and frumpy to some, but the floral print and big, pearl-like buttons drew me in.  Unfortunately, it was too small and even though I shimmied at various angles in the mirror to make it work, alas, it just wouldn't.  However, as I walked away, this striped blouse stood out to me.  I picked it up, glanced at the size and squealed!

Then as I walked further, I found that the store associates had put out more purses.  I found an awesome, neutral colored clutch in great condition.  Plus, it had removable straps!  Yay!  So, I walked away with a blouse and clutch for under $6!

As I left, I decided to head to Target.

Quick Picture Taking...

I hadn't planned to look at much, but two pairs of shoes caught my eye!

I literally adore both pairs!  I was so happy to see a great pair of bright, cap toe heels, but I didn't want to pay full price.  Cheap, I know.  The snakeskin boots were marked down to $10 and clearly I already have an affinity for snakeskin so...  They came home with me!

Have you been thrifting lately?

God bless & stay fabellis!


  1. I sooooooooooo love that houndstooth blazer.


  2. Great pieces. I love these shoes!

  3. Thanks Chantel! I wanted those cap toe heels so bad, but I will wait! :-)

  4. Love all your finds especially the cap toe heels and the snakeskin booties! :)

    -Steph from Chocolate Laced

  5. Hey, I understand. I feel like Target shoes have gotten more and more expensive. LOL

  6. cute pieces! I went thrifting this weekend and found some cute pieces too :)


    C's Evolution of Style

  7. The black/white striped blouse is definitely a winner. Too bad about the floral blazer because it's mad cute.

  8. I'm a thriftaholic....nice blazer oh i feel like going to target,to find some deals

  9. I was kind of sad about that blazer. *sigh* But... At least I did walk away with something great. :)

  10. Fabulous finds. I really like the snakeskin boots.
    I went thrift shoppimg on Sunday and got a sequin top which has a monogrammed zipper and two pairs of shoes. I'm do excited.


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