December 18, 2012

Dollar Tree: Two FAB Beauty Buys

Hello Beauties!

Let me be real with you all...  If you didn't know Dollar Tree is that spot, you have been sleeping!  Dollar Tree has truly stepped up their game over the years and has grown to include not only everything you may need for a birthday party, but some great beauty buys as well!  You may wonder how it's possible for a store that sells everything for a dollar to have great products.

Here's the secret...  Dollar Tree often gets the products that are discontinued or the extras from other stores' shipments.  Many beauty lovers have discovered mainstream products like the discontinued Maybelline Define-a-Brown in Dark Brown as well as NYC cosmetics.  The key to shopping at Dollar Tree is taking a closer look at the products.  Some products are put on the shelves in their original packaging while others are put into a more generic package.  Either way, it is still the same great product.

Over the weekend, I found two great buys, including Sally Hansen's La Cross Slant Claw-Tip Tweezers and enregin Time Release Eye Cream.

1.  Sally Hansen La Cross Slant Claw-Tip Tweezers

According to Amazon, these tweezers can cost as much as $7 (or $11 as stated on the package).  As soon as I saw the tweezers, I recognized them because they were on close out at my local Rite Aid.  The Dollar Tree I visited literally had TONS of these in stock.

2.  enregin Time Release Eye Cream

I am a true lover of eye cream because it not only allows concealer to apply smoothly under your eyes, but it gives your eyes beneficial moisture and vitamins.  I picked up this cream at another Dollar Tree recently and I have loved the results.  In looking at Amazon, this product is typically priced for almost $5.  It's affordable even outside of Dollar Tree, but who can beat $1?

Dollar Tree is definitely worth stopping in if you are decorating your home, celebrating or even a beauty lover.

Have you found any great beauty products at Dollar Tree?

God bless & stay fabellis!

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  1. I have found $7 Sally Hansen Nail Polish pens for $1. They are great for stamping.

  2. I have been looking for the define a brow in dark brown for months & didn't think to check the dollar tree! I'll be sure to check out their beauty section from now on! I have found some beauty items like Sally Hansen polish strips and random eyeshadows at the store Five Below

  3. I've been buying conditioners there for co-washing. its green bottle called silk science I read the ingredients list great stuff, my hair melt like butter and detangle in a breeze with that stuff. I found ouchless headbands I've been skipping going to sally and go to dollar tree instead. they're next door to each other, i search the dollar tree for stuff first before I head in there.

  4. I love Dollar Tree! I can browse their beauty aisle for 30 minutes + just putting all kinds of stuff in my cart lol

  5. I saw this eye cream today, and ALMOST bought it. Think I'll go back and get me some :). I love the E.L.F. products and hair accessories there too!

  6. I don't have a dollar tree in my area but this post definitely makes me wish I did. Great finds!

  7. I need to go to $ tree! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ha! I always see that eye cream at my local Dollar Tree but I was skeptical because I didn't recognize the brand. I will definitely be picking it up on my next visit.

  9. I now live very close to a Dollar Tree. It's like Disneyland! I always stop there before I go shopping at Target.

  10. How is the eye cream, Ashley? I see it in my local dollar tree also, but never pick it up. I just love scoring goodies at my local dollar tree. I've found lots of great items such as maybelline blushes, l'oreal mascara, e.l.f. products, and more. When I visit new towns, I always check out the dollar tree in the area to see what goodies they have. I'm a dollar tree queen, girl lol.

    Great post!

  11. Thanks Dre! Honestly, I do really like the eye cream! The skin under my eyes is much softer and it makes applying concealer very smooth.

  12. Lol! Let me know how you like it. :)

  13. I love the Dollar Tree. I haven't really purchased beauty products there. But they have great learning activities for kids, gift bags, party decorations for kids. The list goes on and on. And the price is right,


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