January 16, 2013

Pick of the Week: Skater Skirt

Hello Beauties!

Last week, I started a series, Pick of the Week, that I'm excited to begin on the blog.  I see so many things out in the world that I love and I figured what better place to share the items I'm loving than here with you.  Today's pick is one that I know all of you have seen throughout the past few months and as much as I love the style, I haven't taken the plunge yet.

I love skater skirts!  Some are a tad too short for me, but I love the look that they give.  One of my favorite things in the world is a high waisted ensemble because it can hide unwanted bulges and slim your figure.

Here's a few skater skirts that are fabellis even if you're on a budget: 

Oasis Millie Skater Skirt

ASOS Curve Skater Skirt

Fashion Lab Women Vegan Leather Skater Skirt

Have you rocked a skater skirt this season?  How do make it your own?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. I LOVE skater skirts!!!! I have a leather one that I'm showing on the blog on friday!!! I think that are so flattering on every body type.
    brooke @ what2wear, monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  2. Cute skirt... I'm more of the pencil skirt kinda gal but this is def a fun choice!


    Nike O.


  3. Nice pick! I love skater skirts but I haven't purchased any yet. Lol

  4. I love skater skirts, but they catch the slightest amount of wind so I have to be extra careful. I really want a black leather one.

  5. Skater skirts work for my body type! Nice pick. Definitely would rock.

  6. I have a skater-type skirt, but I haven't worn it yet...that first pic is inspiration for me to get my abs in check :-) Also, I agree with you: I love high waists, especially in jeans.



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