May 20, 2013

Perfect Locks Virgin Hair: Final Review

Hello Beauties!

I had a sad moment on Friday.  (deep sigh)  After eight weeks, I decided to take down my protective style.  Throughout these weeks, I have been rocking a partial sew in with Perfect Locks Virgin Wavy Hair.  This was the longest I have ever worn a sew in and my first experience with virgin hair.  You may have read my first impressions and update on the hair throughout my journey and today, I wanted to give you my final thoughts on the hair.

Fixing The Issue

As you may know from my update post, I was experiencing two problems with the hair which included a heavy/greasy feeling and shedding.  After speaking with Perfect Locks, they advised that shedding is normal the first two weeks and to try a sulfate-free shampoo on the hair.  With their suggestion, my stylist washed the hair with Herbalife Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo.

Guess what happened?!

Voila!  The hair was restored and beautiful!  It was lightweight and bouncy.  Plus, the natural curl/wave that was produced was gorgeous.

What About Shedding?

Although the wefts of the hair were sealed and no tracks were cut, the hair shed from day one until the day I had the hair taken out.  Because our natural hair sheds, I did not have an unrealistic view that the hair would never shed; however, every time I combed the hair, it did shed.  The shedding would include some long strands and several short pieces of hair in my sink each time the hair was combed.

Although I would have preferred the hair not shed as much, I can't say that it was a huge complaint of mine because the density of the hair never changed.  The hair never became thin.

My Overall Thoughts

I can definitely say that I do understand now why stylists encourage purchasing virgin hair versus beauty supply store hair.  Huge difference!  The difference was so great that this hair actually still looked beautiful when I took it out.  It was in perfect condition and can easily be reused.  I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this hair.

If I Could Do It Over...

If I could do it over, I will say that I would not have left as much hair out.  This is a personal preference of mine because although I was able to keep my natural hair straightened to blend with the extensions, it was difficult.  I had heat put on my natural hair a total of three to four times during the process and that's more than I have ever done in a short period of time.  I also wish that I had read instructions properly because if I had, I would have known to begin using sulfate-free shampoo from the beginning.

Would I Recommend Perfect Locks?

Yes!  I would recommend their company; however, please keep in mind what I mentioned regarding shipping and shedding of the hair.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Are you going to try Perfect Locks?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. You styled the hair beautifully the entire time, I have been using virgin hair since 2002 and must say it is well worth the investment. I actually still have hair from my very first virgin hair purchase I use from time to time to add thickness to my wigs. Shedding can be annoying to me because hair usually ends up all over my house but it's not a deal breaker. Great review Ms. Fab!

  2. Great review, your hair looks fabulous!

  3. Great review! I always seal my wefts to combat any unwanted shedding, so thats a suggestion although I prefer my pricier hair not to shed much on its own merit. Your install looked amazíiiiiiiiiiiing though! And even luxury brands of processed hair will change your life compared to BSS brands.

  4. Loved the review! If did not follow you, I would have thought it was all your hair. Someone I know who frequently uses virgin hair suggested treating the weft of the hair with fray away before using it. Yes it's for clohing, but she swears by it and vows to be a forever customer. She advised that it minimizes the shredding tremendously.

  5. Hey lady! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :-) Thank you so much! Did your wefts come sealed? Mine were already sealed when I received the hair so I was shocked at the shedding. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad. I will remember that tip on the processed hair. I have seen some curly versions that are gorgeous!

  6. Interesting! Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! :-)

  7. Your hair looks awesome and so does your eyebrows

  8. Thanks for stopping by Alissa! I appreciate the compliments. I really enjoyed this hair! I know you enjoyed rocking your's too! :-)

  9. Its really awesome. Her hair are great and suits her well. She looks stunning with her hairstyle.Indian Hair


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