December 5, 2013

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Hello Beauties!

Earlier this year, I took on the challenge of cleaning my closet.  I had not done a thorough examination of what was in my closet in a few years and it was definitely time.  Now that my closet is clear and organized, I realized a few months ago that there were a few things I desperately needed for fall and winter.  I needed boots, wide legged pants and a faux leather skirt that is work appropriate.

With this in mind, I decided not only to find those three things, but find a few other closet additions for a great price.  For seven of these items, I spent a total of $150.  As a thrifter, it seems a bit outrageous, but in the grand scheme of things, that's a good deal for seven brand new pieces.  The studded black heels were a gift from my fiance.

Tips for Purchasing Retail

  • Use coupon codes.  (Ex:  RetailMeNot)
  • Save gift cards you may have received.
  • Wait for End of Season sales or events (Cyber Monday).
  • Shop clearance.

To purchase these items at a great price, I used coupon codes for 20% off or free shipping.  I also purchased clearance items with additional savings.  Lastly, I even saved a gift card I won recently and used it on Cyber Monday and received free shipping.

What have you purchased lately?  Did you do any Cyber Monday shopping?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. great purchases! I love that necklace and the shoes!

  2. I didn't buy anything on Cyber Monday, I don't need anything so I didn't even look. I need to clean out my closet though...ugh.

  3. Girl... Cleaning the closet can be a task, BUT I have honestly kept my closet clean and organized for almost a full year. Go ahead and do it. :-)

  4. I bought a few things Cyber Monday, just some sweaters. I also shop retail, but stay close to the clearance aisles. You can find lots of great stuff there that can easily transition into other seasons. And always check for coupons online at or in on the stores website! Some stores don't allow associates to brag about coupons/you need to bring them in yourself!

  5. I didn't do any Cyber Week shopping. My work load is crazy right now. When it calms down, I'll take some time for myself.
    But I've got a question about thrifting when you're a size 12+.

  6. Hey Joyce! I totally know how crazy work can get. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like with your question. I would be happy to help!

  7. You know we love a bargain! You had some excellent finds on Alloy! :-D

  8. Congratulations on the baby and being smaller! That's an accomplishment! Definitely taking the time to clean out your closet, see what you have, what you can/can't wear will be a great starting point. If you do that by the end of January, you can definitely start seeing some end of season sales coming because it'll be closer to spring fashion coming out.

  9. You and I totally on the same page Tara! I rarely shop without a coupon or on the clearance rack. It's the only way to go! :-)

  10. Thanks Mo! You know that's how we do it! I might have needed that luggage set myself! LOL. Mine is quite atrocious.

  11. Thanks lady. I'm getting to work on this closet piece by piece and hope to have it all done before the new year comes in. That way I can take advantage of those sales you speak of :-)


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