October 29, 2014

Beauty | Preparing for an Interview feat. La Fresh

Hello Beauties!

When it comes to interviews, we have all had them.  Some we got through like a piece of cake and others, we may wish we had done differently.  It's important to not only make sure that you are prepared for interview questions, but that you look the part.  Today, I want to share beauty tips to look your best for your interview and tips to encourage you from La Fresh's founder, maker of convenience wipes for every occasion, Eve Yen.

Beauty Tips for an Interview

It's said that most employers know whether they are going to hire someone as soon as they walk through the door.  

Minimal Makeup Look

Tips from Founder of La Fresh, Eve Yen

  • Sharpen your confidence by being prepared. Research and learn about the company you are applying to or the topic you are discussing. Educate yourself on things you aren’t familiar with. Knowledge is power that builds confidence. When you are confident, you look confident and you feel good and others will notice that. 
  • As Emma Watson spoke about over the weekend during her speech to the U.N. about gender equality and the #HeToShe initiative, don’t alter your goal, mentality, or desired pay based on your gender. Women deserve to be afforded the same opportunities, pay, freedom and education as that of their male counterparts.
  • Have strong character and integrity. Sell yourself but be genuine. You never know what doors may open and you want to make sure you have a good reputation.
  • Positivity will get you places you never thought possible. You can land your dream job. If starting your own business is your dream, don’t put it off – get started today. Don’t be afraid – don’t sell yourself short - you can do it!
  • Make a great first impression – you only get one. Dress for the job you want. Be well groomed, clean and professional. A smile is your best accessory.

Learn more about La Fresh's convenience wipes here.

What tips can you share for preparing for an interview?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. This is great! I usually try to give myself a pep talk before an interview! :)


  2. Like the comment below, a pep talk and a cute outfit.

  3. These are all great tips! My biggest interview prep tip is just to be yourself and let your personality shine through :)

  4. Great tips! Thank you so much for stopping by Marissa!

  5. I agree with you! It always sets the right tone.


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